Central Virginia’s COVID-hysterical Thomas Jefferson Health District (aka BHRD) has lost what little credibility it had.

In urging “pregnant people” to get “vaccinated” BRHD defies a basic biologic/scientific fact: only women can be pregnant.

BRHD’s politically correct “science” is not science at all, but rather, unsubstantiated nonsense generated to affirm Democrat talking points—which is exactly why BRHD is disseminating lies.

And, BRHD’s included picture of a pregnant woman fatuously diminishing her own and her baby’s health by unnecessarily donning a “mask” further makes the point.

If BRHD does not know that men cannot become pregnant—and that mindless masking is a bad idea— who would trust them in the promotion of “vaccines” for “pregnant people”?


  1. Roll forward a few years hence when the full verdict of these vaccines is actually in. I find it ironic that the same mindset that rationalizes murder as “women’s health” as a matter of “my body, my choice”, conveniently skips over “choice” when it actually comes to what they do with THEIR body, strictly to advance a political agenda, i.e. government control over private health decisions. The compelling interest here? Clearly NOT the health of mom or baby…

    These are people who can’t even get the basics of biology straight (pun unintended). Wokeism is NOT Science. It’s a mental disorder.

  2. I too find it ironic that keep-your-laws-off-my-body liberals promote vaccination mandates. I also
    find it ironic that keep-your-laws-off-my-body conservatives want to prohibit choice when it comes to abortion. You call liberals hypocrites, and they rightly call you the same.

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