Steve Harvey, local Republican organizer, details institutional harassment and intimidation of GOP poll watchers—those attempting to prevent Democrat subversion of “early voting” in central Virginia—all conducted under the watchful eye of Albemarle County Registrar, Jake Washburn.

Harvey’s experience magnifies election-day voter intimidation by Democrat election officials in Albemarle County, as previously chronicled by Rob Schilling. A federal lawsuit on that incident is pending.

Recorded live on The Schilling Show, October 20, 2021.


  1. Seriously?!?

    This is outrageous and totally unacceptable. Of what I know of Steve, I have absolutely no reason to doubt the veracity or accuracy of his account. Moreover, what he describes is consistent with my own personal early voting experience. I was asked to present my Voter ID and a photo ID and had my name checked against the voter rolls, no problem, beyond the rather obvious condescending attitude of the poll workers checking me in. I swear that they worked hard to be as rude and intimidating as possible, and I had no idea why… because of my age, race, gender… old, white, men unwelcome here?!? (I thought that mostly applied to the Downtown Mall… hmmm.) I could not help but note that others were not asked for ID of any sort, which immediately raised my concerns that we conduct fair and honest elections in this County – it appears that depending on who you are, or what demographic profile you fit, determines what rules are followed – huh?!? Clean shaven, dress casual, masked, and polite – as an independent, non-partisan, average “Joe” – I suppose I could pass for a GOP poll watcher.

    Fact is, while I have served once a long time ago as an Election Day volunteer, and while I have even canvassed neighborhoods on behalf of a local Democrat, and am routinely mis-identified as a Democrat Party voter/supporter to the tune of hundreds phone calls, e-mails, text messages every election cycle, I have never, ever voted along party lines…

    I can think of one former GOP ACBOS Representative in particular who could vouch for my rabid independence… nonetheless, so-called conservatives peg me to the left of center, and so-called liberals to the right… me, I could care less… ‘til now.

    I cannot see, nor conceive of, voting for any Democrat Party affiliated candidate at any level… and, I seriously question the common sense, integrity, and morality of anyone who would. That’s a relatively new development. In good conscience, I cannot, will not, look the other way at the depth of corruption and the extent of deception, incompetence, and perversion tolerated/celebrated by that Party.

    Having grown up and come of age in the days of the Daley Machine in Chicago, it’s sickening to see the current version of corruption in play here in my adopted community and state… worse than I’ve witnessed anywhere… and I’ve been on mission to a failed narco state (Honduras)… that’s where we are at.

    Those ads they run about having confidence in our elections in Virginia? With what’s going on in NOVA? and here, under our very noses. NFW

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