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Contact: Matthew Hardin
(202) 802-1948

Schilling Show Host to Sue Albemarle County General Registrar and Designees Over Election Day Assaults and Voter Suppression Attempts

Elections Officials Breached Voting Rights

Charlottesville, VA June 21, 2021 — Radio host and founder, Rob Schilling is initiating a lawsuit against Albemarle County General Registrar of Voters, Jake Washburne; Woodbrook Precinct “Chief,” Leo Mallek; and John Does #1 and #2 (unidentified elections officials), for actions they took in their capacities as elections officials at the Democrat primary on June 8, 2021. 

Attorney, Matthew D. Hardin, will file the Complaint in Robert Schilling v. Jake Washburne, Leo Mallek, and John Does 1 and 2 in Federal Court on Monday. The case will be introduced and discussed during a live radio interview on The Schilling Show (WINA AM/FM), Monday June 21, at 12:30 p.m. Following the announcement, Mr. Schilling and Attorney Hardin will be available for media interviews via Zoom, by arrangement.

“What happened to me was beyond atrocious,” said Schilling. “Albemarle County voters should never face intimidation, harassment, and physical assault by elections officials when attempting to cast a ballot.” Schilling continued, “These egregious violations of my rights, all captured on video, must be legally rectified.”

Hardin said that the suit was filed in federal Court because Mr. Schilling’s right to vote under the U.S. Constitution is at stake. “The Government can’t use phony reasoning to prevent a citizen from casting a ballot, and the Supreme Court has made clear that your right to vote in a primary is constitutionally protected,” Hardin stated.

Schilling believes the suit will serve as a “shot across the bow” to overzealous and politically motivated elections officials, who unchecked, might be inclined abuse their positions of authority.

For further information, contact Attorney Matthew D. Hardin (202) 802-1948

Click here to download a copy of the suit.

Video of events as they unfolded:

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  1. God speed, Patriot! Election interference and intimidation is front and center on American’s radar thanks to the 2020 election!

    The fraud is rampant and I believe may perhaps be funded, in part, by the Chinese Communist Party!

    The sleeping Americans are waking up. Go forth, soldier! Lead this charge; build it and they will come!

    Don’t leave them maimed!

    Jenny Ferraro
    Pipe hitter

  2. Ugh, watching this “mask police’ confrontation makes my stomach turn!

    This reminds me of a passage from, “To Kill a Mockingbird”. It says “Courage isn’t the absence of fear, but continuing to be brave and proceed in spite of it”.

    We all need to have courage.

    Put on the full armor of God. Speak out, rat out, be incognito if you have to. Don’t stay silent!

    American’s can’t let evil continue to flourish without our voices putting it in God’s hands.

    Prayers are with you,

    Dan Ferraro

  3. These crazy self righteous power hungry mask nazis represent everything that is wrong in America.

  4. Dear God, man!!!! Edward Brook, or whatever your name is! Can you please have a modicum of manly dignity?!?!?!

    Running around like a chicken with its head cut off, threatening to call the office, was humiliating! I am literally sitting here eating a box of chocolates to ease my pain of watching you step in a big heaping pile of dog do-do! Aren’t ya embarrassed?!?!?!

    Seriously, men, please grow some for the future of our country! You were all literally pushing and shoving Mr. Schilling! Keep your hand to yourselves! It’s a crime and you’ll do the time, if you don’t!

    There’s federal laws that protect our rights to vote! You think you would know this as poll workers! Or are you poll workers of a different sort?

    Unfortunately for yourselves, you’re most probably getting charged with a felony. Ya see, we take election interference and fraud in this country very seriously.

    I hope you feel as though the sterile field you created with your masks were worth your pending litigation.

    So what?!?! Schilling didn’t have a mask on!!! Fauci says they don’t work. I’m his friend, Fauci told me so personally!

    The commies in the party even say they don’t work. They printed it on the mask box!!!! “Will not protect you from our dirty Commie pandemics that are spread with the help of paid off Americans”. I swear, I read it on the box myself!

    I would like to know where we can purchase the masks y’all had? Those seemed to be impenetrable from spreading the virus even though you touched them and pulled them under your noses. You weren’t trying to sniff Schilling’s face, were you???

    Until next election, when you’re all properly schooled in election interference the hard way.

    Peace be with you, My peace I leave with you. -Jesus

  5. I’m doing a forensic analysis of this tough guy show, frame by frame. What I have concluded is that the poll helper with the paws mask, is also one of the men who put their paws on Mr. Schilling.

    Paws intercedes when his fellow poll helper, Leo, the man with unruly brows, walks off in defeat after being called out for not wearing his mask properly, by the maskless Schilling. Leo-the cowardly lion, goes off camera somewhere, looking for his courage.

    Paws jumps into the path of the unmasked Schilling, and proceeds to paw at him while wearing his wife’s homemade paws mask. I’ve heard it was her specialty go-to-gift for all her friends and neighbors at the dog park. Hopefully Paws dog is more tough than he is and not a yappie, little biter, like Paws.

    Enter Wilfred Brimley, who approaches the unmasked Schilling and challenges him to a duel outside. JK all the way, Wilfred Brimley was just gonna kick some maskless ass, there were no swords. When all of the sudden, Brimley’s ol’ prostate flares up again, and had to turn tail and run out the door to the nearest bathroom.

    Meanwhile, Paws is ever present and ready to tussle maskless and steady Schilling at a moments notice. Ahhhh, the masculinity! Where is it, Paws?

    Enter the man with the name that can’t be spoken or is intelligible because he is muffling his voice behind his mask like the pussy cat that he is.

    There is a temporary break in the stand off that is protecting the school’s air from the walking mask violation that is Schilling. We then hear the kind lady, that sits in the midst of all these reactive, hair trigger mountain gorillas, that there’s a thunderstorm on it way. It’s a welcome reprieve for Paws, as his stamina to remain tough weans. For a split second, he is temporarily happy to discuss the weather. He realizes he doesn’t look so masculine, and proceeds to shoot a stink eye over his paws mask at steady Schilling. Good recovery, Paws!

    In the background someone shouts out, “It’s school policy!” Ahhhh, the good old “school policy” proclamations! And the hits keep coming! Imagine being a kid in this school having to endure these mask policy policemen!

    In the background we actually hear one of these female police maskers tell a child, to put on their mask! Ahhhhh, child abuse so clearly heard, almost makes Paws lift his leg on the desk, marking his territory.

    You’re pint-sized-unelected-just a job interview-tyrant, Fraud-chi, would be so proud of all of you masked defenders. Not you though, Paws! Even Fraud-chi wouldn’t be caught dead in the Wuhan lab or that wet market with a paws mask on his mug.

    Did I tell you, Fraud-chi is a personal friend of mine? I don’t have to wear a mask, but all you low life’s do! I love when the rules are for thee but not for me! I know you’re secretly jealous, Paws?

    Enter Leo-the-unruly-eyebrows lion, who exacts his revenge on the super steady Schilling. In an all powerful, manliest of man’s voice he bellows, “Go get a pen!”

    Ummmm, that’s it?! That’s all you got?! Keep looking for that courage.

    Well, sadly, we have to come to the end of this episode of “Clerks Are Jerks!” The sequel is forthcoming and is titled “Felonious Assault”!

    We leave you with Paws assuming the super woman position with hands in his hips as the steady Schilling exits the building.

    Thanks for the show!


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