The shroud of secrecy surrounding Critical Race Theory (CRT) “lessons” at Albemarle County’s Henley Middle School continues.

Principal Beth Costa, who has espoused openness and “transparency” in her communications and operations regarding CRT at Henley, once again has excluded parents from her schemings.

The following June 15 text message—encouraging Henley children to provide “feedback” on CRT (aka Advisory) lessons—was sent to students without parental knowledge or consent:

Feedback on Advisory Lessons

Dear Henley students,

With only one day left of school, I am writing to ask a favor of you. We’d like to get your feedback on the Advisory lessons we have been doing over the last six weeks (Courageous Conversations). I know we ask you to take a lot of surveys, but this one will be used by a whole team of middle school teachers from each of the six ACPS middle schools.

I have linked to two surveys, one if you are in a 6th or 7th grade advisory and one if you are in an 8th grade advisory. Please take a moment to tell us your thoughts. It means a lot to us. Thank you for a wonderful year and we hope you have a great summer break. Stay safe!

Costa’s end-run around parents appears to violate Albemarle County Public Schools (ACPS) policy KFB, Administration of Surveys and Questionnaires:

In any case in which a questionnaire or survey requesting that students provide sexual information, mental health information, medical information, information on student health risk behaviors pursuant to Va. Code § 32.1-73.8, other information on controlled substance use, or any other information that the School Board deems to be sensitive in nature is to be administered, the School Board shall notify the parent concerning the administration of such questionnaire or survey in writing at least 30 days prior to its administration. The notice will inform the parent of the nature and types of questions included in the questionnaire or survey, the purposes and age-appropriateness of the questionnaire or survey, how information collected by the questionnaire or survey will be used, who will have access to such information, the steps that will be taken to protect student privacy, and whether and how any findings or results will be disclosed. [emphasis added]

Henley parents are outraged over this most recent breach of protocol regarding “sensitive” information, and rightfully so.

Other ACPS parents should be concerned as well, as Costa’s private missive to students clearly indicates that the poisonous drip at Henley will soon be transfused to all ACPS middle schools, and likely beyond.


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  1. Tsk, tsk, Beth Costa! Breaking a school board policy? How could that possibly be? You’re the expert on digging up school board policy violations. Didn’t you know that you were committing one when you pimped the students for info? Seriously, a dumb move on your part. I am sniffing desperation; or is that just the stench of dirty Commie money? Did the brainiac, Chris Booz, tell you to do this too? Beth, you have to start getting better consiglieri’s! The ones you got, like Booz, are wolves in sheep’s clothes. They are giving you bad advice. Why?

  2. Hi Rob, thanks so much for this newest information and thank you for hearing Dan’s story on your show and for having me on this week, as well!

    This new information is quite ironic in that Dr. Costa could have committed a violation of school board policy, as this is the reason given for Dan’s ouster.

    Do you know if there is an investigation?
    Does she get to keep her job?

    They really do seem dug-in on this indoctrination. I do wish they would ease off of this roll out and try to see this from a different perspective.

    So, my questions that I asked on Wednesday, remain.

    Have they received any monies in the way of grants or programs from the Chines Communist Party through “friendship agreements?

    If any have, did you divulge this to the federal government?

    Have you been transparent?

    If this rollout is any indication of transparency, I would believe this may have been overlooked.

    Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, has publicly stated, that he is here to help. If you are in a sticky situation with the CCP, please ask for help.


    Jenny Ferraro ( Dan’s wife)

  3. I have a question for the principal, did you make sure the 8th grade questionnaires were indeed in the 8th grade folders?

    Because, I would hate for another person to be persecuted for your gaffes. Just checking that 6 & 7 grade hasn’t been incorrectly given the 8th grade surveys.


    Jenny Ferraro – Dan’s wife

  4. An old reality tv show used to ask the question, “What happens when people stop being polite and start getting real?”

    Perhaps the CCP used this show as one of their many study guides on Americans and our behaviors. After all, their mission is to conquer America without firing a single shot.

    So, allow me to politely get real, Miki Salzberg.

    You are on public record on both and the May, Albemarle County School Board meeting, representing yourself as an Albemarle parent, that is standing behind Courageous Conversations (CC)aka: CRT.

    You have stated publicly that you are a school counselor in Augusta County.

    You have stated publicly that CC may be saving lives.

    You have stated publicly that your place of employment as a school counselor is not safe.

    It has come to my recent attention, that you also look forward to getting to know my child as her school counselor. This is not so polite of you.

    Your timing is real……..odd, to put it politely.

    Unfortunately, as for your plan to get to know our child, you will have to get to know me first. For the record, I DO NOT CONSENT!

    If you have any plans of rolling out this racist curriculum to my child, I DO NOT CONSENT!

    If you want to meet with my child, as a student on your case load, I DO NOT CONSENT!

    Dan’s email to parents happened approximately May 10th and spread like wildfire.

    You signed the petition in support of CC approximately in May.

    You patiently waited your turn to publicly speak your support of CC in May on the zoom meeting of the school board.

    However, after almost an entire month of Dan’s CC controversy being known, AND, after a month of you publicly declaring your support for CC, you decide to let my husband know (through his work email) how excited you are to get to know our child as a school counselor!


    Ms. Salzberg, you are not able to be objective as my child’s school counselor. Please step down from any professional interaction with her. WE DO NOT CONSENT!

    Why you haven’t done this already, well….I have a pretty good idea about that!

    To all Augusta county parents, stay vigilant! This hate is spreading through channels that are known and unknown. No CRT in AUGUSTA COUNTY PUBLIC SCHOOLS!


    Jenny Ferraro

    -A Pipe hitter
    -Mom of an Augusta County Student
    -Wife of an Albemarle County employee.

    “Say, long live Jesus, long live Mary”,
    Saint Padre Pio to a demon.

  5. My initial reaction is that this “watchdog” aka Mr. Schilling is a touch off base, IMHO, trying to state that Ms. Costa’s survey is a violation of ACPS policy. For one, whereas CRT (and by extension CC) evoke strong, polarizing, divisive, emotional community response, self-included, the survey does not request “other” “sensitive” “information” of the students. Unfortunately the questions are open-ended, and in that sense invite responses that can reveal sensitive information. It begs the question: do ACPS Staff and/or teachers have any form of review prior to posting ANY survey? Also, what personal info may be recorded when a student completes such a survey, and is that accessible? Definitely Ms. Costa is consistently doing an end-run around parents by NOT being open and transparent. One can reasonably assume that serves two purposes: 1) to intentionally keep parents in the dark about what happens in her school, not just in advisory, but in core curriculum, in re social (indoctrination), to avoid oversight, input, “interference”; 2) to “protect” students perceived or judged to come from a “hostile” family environment by short-circuiting communication. Either purpose is unhealthy, ill-advised, and inappropriate (again, IMHO) for a PS system. And if the ACSB, and ACPS Administration and Staff – either one – don’t get that (which appears to be quite probable to me), Parents need to remove their children from the PS system altogether. There is NO SIGN that either the ACSB or the ACPS Administration see a “problem”, much less an obligation to “fix” it. They are clearly engaged in a ruinous power trip. Sadly so.

    When hiding, and outright lying, is condoned as the end justifies the means – as it is with the Left in this case – there are few options. Expose them. Unseat them. Fire them. Or defund them. Student flight IS one means to defund. What is really needed is School Choice.

  6. Ohhhh, Eric, I disagree with your early statements in your comments. I disagree Strongly! Since when isn’t a middle schoolers opinions about race, gender, societal norms, indoctrination’s, not “Sensitive” information?! When?!

    I’ll tell you when it’s not “Sensitive”! When a curriculum is implemented for the only reason to divide and conquer.

    These sick Indoctrinators are grooming victims. They are checking on their progress with this sick survey.

    This is “Sensitive” because 11, 12, 13 & 14 years old’s DO NOT have the brain development to debate such topics with the ability to stand their ground and not feel bullied and ashamed of themselves for their beliefs. It will and is taking a hint till on their mental health! See the whiteboard picture.

    For educators who are doctors of education and child development they should know better. Why don’t they?

    Is it that they like their lifestyles too much to dissent from their sugar daddies forking over money to implement such filth and rot?

    Y’all are just like Camille Cosby, she kept her mouth shut while her husband drugged and sexually abused women. In her house too!!! She liked her life style, “To hell with those sluts!”

    This looks seems similar to the opinions of this school community, Costa, Haas and school board, and every clueless teacher going blindly along with it, “To hell with these students!” “I like my life style” “I come first”. After all, to walk the walk of Christianity, would require persecution.

    Like that pesky old biblical saying goes…..better to have a millstone around your neck and thrown into the sea than to harm one of these little ones.

  7. Asking students for their thoughts shall and must be considered a mental health question. Thoughts are nothing more than our minds at their mental work and one window into an individual’s mental health.

    The data will be interpreted and used for mental health and since the survey is online, it will not be anonymous. It will have digital fingerprints for tracking and possibly be added to the student’s record.

    With the rot that’s being spread by ACPS and most public schools, is it any wonder that we have seen a significant rise in mental health issues for our youth over the last two decades?

  8. Dear JB:
    Thank you for this!

    This school division only want the parents and the community to think of these online questions as a simple, innocent survey and they are not! Wow!! DIGITAL FINGERPRINTS!!!!! TRACKING!!!! MENTAL HEALTH RECORDS!!!!

    The thought of these online answers being written by our children, only to be recorded forever, is a complete abuse of our children!!! It takes away their 5th amendment rights. If they write something that goes against the indoctrination, their answers can and will be used against them. Forever!!!

    I’m sure this has been well thought out by the enemy of America, the CCP. Blackmail is a powerful tool they use to control so many leaders in business and government.

    The Chinese Communist Party is attacking our children and what is being done to stop it?

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