In this April 22, 2021 “Coffee with Costa” video chat with Henley Middle School parents, Principal, Beth Costa fields a question regarding “opting out” of the division’s Critical Race Theory (CRT) curriculum.

A slightly rattled Costa reluctantly offers an opt-out citing a disingenuous desire to “have all voices at the table.”

In the midst of her attempt to simultaneously appease and deceive concerned parents, Costa precipitously is contradicted by an eager underling. Henley Language Arts teacher, Chris Booz admonishes parents that opting-out is futile, noting that CRT is woven into virtually every subject, division wide, in Albemarle County Public Schools.

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  1. Booz is a loudmouth hypocrite–and not simply an “English teacher” but one of the cheerleaders of this tool, based on Marx’s class separation theory. One of the slides–which he helped construct–asks kids “Why do people like to separate people into groups?” First of all, it assumes that “people” like to separate people into groups. Do they? If so, why does Henley Middle School call itself “the Henley Hornets” and Walton Middle School call itself the “Walton Wildcats,” with different school colors? You see, this is the sheer dishonesty that makes people who espouse CRT liars and, frankly, bad liars at that. “It is okay to separate people into groups that WE say are okay.”

  2. Booz seems really ambitious! She shouldn’t have exposed her leader’s lack of knowledge about this indoctrination. Dear, dear Beth, did the thought ever occur to you that Booz-ie babe could be secretly turning on you? Sounds like to me, boozie just threw you to the wolves. She’s saving her own ass.

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