Racially biased mandatory lessons at Albemarle County’s Henley Middle School have caused an uproar amongst parents, teachers, and students, alike.

This lesson, reportedly crafted by Henley school administration, furthers Albemarle County Public Schools’ (ACPS) one-sided narrative of these controversial issues and the Schools’ implementation of Critical Race Theory throughout the curriculum.

The scope and sequence for the “Anti-racism Advisory Lessons” (and the lessons themselves) teach Henley children:

  • That they are biased
  • That white children are privileged
  • That other groups “male, heterosexual, cisgender, Christian, able-bodied” also are privileged
  • That “white privilege” has a “cost” for people of color
  • That “all lives matter” is a principle to be mocked
  • That there is systemic racism in America
  • That students are “personally responsible” for anti-racism
  • To understand how the prejudices and stereotypes of “dominant culture” (“white, middle class, Christian, and cisgender”) lead to racism
  • That the “treatment of Asian Americans” has changed
  • That white/Caucasian people—specifically—are responsible for anti-Asian hate
  • That they are responsible “to support people of color”
  • That “equity” (a Marxist principle) supersedes “equality” (an American principle)
  • That the police are to be mistrusted
  • To “report” racist incidents
  • That the problem of racism is “collective” as opposed to individual

Such instruction stands in direct contradiction to Henley Principal Beth Costa’s “Coffee with Costa” presentation of April 22, wherein she assured parents of the following:

Assurances aside, the following documents were issued to Henley teachers who were expected to instruct students explicitly from this material.

Although not intended for public distribution and review, these later were acquired by concerned parents and disseminated.

An internal Henley witch-hunt followed as school administrators presently are attempting to identify and punish suspected “leakers.”

Read the Anti-racism Advisory Lessons Unit 3:

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Read the Anti-racism Advisory Lessons — Scope and Sequence:

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Plenty of material exists that would allow ACPS to make a balanced presentation; they do not appear to be interested in doing so. To wit:

Watch the PragerU presentation on Critical Race Theory (which should at the least be provided as counterpoint):


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  1. Charlottesville High school does the same thing, I have called about it but it did no good

  2. What was it that Secretary Mike Pompao said……???? Oh yeah, it was the Chinese Communist Party, aka: the CCP, had infiltrated not only elected officials such as Governor’s, Senators, Representatives and Presidents; but the CCP had also infiltrated local school boards, administrators and even the PTA’s! Yikes!!! That’s a lot of alleged pay offs! Why do we need to have our kids taught how to put on condom on a wooden penis? This all seems like we should be asking more questions about the true intentions of these people who want this type of curriculum taught to our kids.

  3. For a principal who says she’s neither a democrat or republican, these comments sound awfully, dagged-nabbit like Beth Costa took a side in the November election. She was “weeping since Wednesday” over the real classy Biden’s crackish election “win”. Question for Beth, would you weep for the Biden’s if you saw Hunter’s laptop? Cause there may be pictures of the two of them (step mom and step son)banging on that dirty top….allegedly. Come on man! You’re smarter than this, ain’t cha?

  4. Question: Dear Albemarle County Schools, and Albemarle County, has the Chinese Communist Party aka: the CCP, donated monies or provided grants to any part of these entities? Asking for a friend.

  5. So, Dr. Costa, as your tweets have stated, you’re neither a democrat or a republicans. However, in November 3, 2020, you tweeted “Is he gone yet?” with a picture of Lady Liberty hiding behind her base. That wouldn’t be favoring the democratic side of politics, would it?

    Also, I do believe that Critical Race theory incorporates teachings on INCEST as a viable option. Has that classy First Lady of ours had any published writings on this form of edumacation?

  6. Also, I do believe that Critical Race theory incorporates teachings on INCEST as a viable option. Has that classy First Lady of ours had any published writings on this form of edumacation? Has anyone checked these admins tweets to see their position on such things?

  7. People who condone CRT and these compassionate conversations about race, may very well hate their whiteness. Does the administration hate their whiteness? Do they hate their families whiteness? Why does Marxism train their comrades to hate their whiteness? Why does Henley have to indoctrinate our kids with Socialism? Communism? Marxism? Does the leaders of this school division teach their families to hate their whiteness?

  8. Hey folks, it’s me again! Your favorite commenter! Has anyone gotten any traction on this notion about CCP payoffs? I’m asking for a friend. The whole fake compassionate conversations to make our children hate one another and themselves, is a powerful entity. This seems to be really well funded. The kind of funds that dictatorial governments, like the commies can afford. After all, taking over the worlds greatest country isn’t a cheap affair. Does any of these edumacators know about any cheap affairs? Again, asking for a friend. Also, absolute power corrupts, absolutely. Witch hunts and see you next Tuesday’s abound! Is this really public school education in 2021? When is this district going to get serious about serious curriculum. Do you want to make us all concubines and slaves to the Commies? Asking again for a fiend. I mean, a friend.

  9. One more thing….staying until the end of the zoom call to see who would tell you “goodbye” to your drivel filled meeting was funny. It made my day. You looked desperate. Totally out of control. You have no control. How that must make you feel… do you know who your advocates are? Do you really know who your advocates are? No really? Does any of you know if the others really have your backs? Pillow talk is nice. It’s fun. But then you wake up and smell the stinky breath of your partner in crime. Ewww. Take some breath mints, pretty please.

  10. Where are the injunctions? Where? Crozet and Old Trail are a stones throw away from the prestigious UVA law school. Where. Are. The. Injunctions?? Ohhhh, I get it, you all like your lives, “To the children be damned!” Is that your thinking? Cauz, why ain’t y’all ballers and shot callers filing injunctions to stop the indoctrination? It’s still going on. Without reservation! Do you really think there is negotiating with the Red Army? Commies don’t negotiate. Tiananmen Square. I remember. Good men and women are staying silent.

  11. How much Chinese Communist Party money has gone into and is going into Old Trail? Into Albemarle County? Into Albemarle Public Schools? Did they make your lifestyles so comfy that we are all just standing passively by and letting the virtual tanks roll over our children’s minds? Where are the accountants? Are you busy counting the money at the change tables? Where’s this money coming from? Is Old Trail still hauling their sewage out of town by trucks? Why didn’t those commies build more humane and civilized facilities for that town? Y’all ok with that? Gross. If you put up with that, you will put up with anything. Obvi.

  12. Ambition plus stupidity is what determined this hell bent roll out of indoctrination of our children. Plus, blind rage from out of control emotions of hatred.

    Allow me to splain some things to the ever ambitious and stupid commies who want PROOF of vax’s of children… the Holocaust happened! Hey dummie edumacators who are pushing this quick roll out of hate, the Geneva Convention happened. Nuremberg Codes exist. The Vax is expiramental! No experimental medicine allowed on humans! If you attempt to coerce any one, plus, I mean ANYONE, you also can be held responsible both criminally and financially.

  13. Today we remember D-Day, how could we not? The young men who died on the beach that day so we can freely enjoy our beaches today. You know, some of those men were children. They lied about their age to serve this country and to help the people of the evil regimes far far away. And yet today, we have a Superintendent like Dr. Matt Haas and a middle school principal, like Dr. Beth Costa, secretly pushing an evil regime agenda to our young men and women. Our future leaders. They are being told they are bad for the color of their skin and that they can be unicorns. Prove me wrong.

  14. “Friendly” “Hardline” “Ambiguous” as reported by the CCP, outlining each of the 50 Governor’s attitudes towards Communism.

    So I ask this Albemarle School Administration, which category would you all fall into? As a concerned citizen, have any of you received money from this dirty party for your friendliness?

  15. Dear Bad Principal:
    You’re declaration that the children who pulled the fire alarm are being shown “Restorative” justice almost made me puke. I sure hope their parents have you legally preoccupied because of your dictatorial reign. Who are you to determine that one of these students can’t learn? When has a competent principal of a middle school ever declared that one of the students can’t learn? Who are you to determine that one of these students didn’t show remorse? So, we have to go on your judgement of how to single out one child and stick the maximum pain to him or her? Your judgements are in alignment with the communists!!! Your judgement has nationally sullied the name of our school! When do you want to step down in defeat and show that you have no skill to run any school anywhere? Your rash rollout of communistic practices, without the parents knowledge, has been a catastrophe. Your students are pulling fire alarms, they are in crisis. Step down and perhaps try direct employment with the CCP. I’m sure there’s a company in Charlottesville that could help you out. Maybe a company that is a front for other types of business but is really a smoke screen for the commies. I don’t think you would have to look too far.

  16. Calling all Commies in Albemarle Public Schools!

    The truth is coming out and with the close of the school year, so shall your racist indoctrination of our children with your idiotic and ignorant excuse called CRT. Own it! You’re racist and xenophobic and homophobic. You’re all things evil. When the truth is made fully public, you won’t be able to walk down the streets without ridicule and humiliation. I hear Wuhan is a nice place to live for commies like yourselves.

    To the CCP:
    You tried to infiltrate our beloved America without a single shot. You’re idiots! You picked the people who are losers and as dumb as they look. Not only will you fail, but our great American military will free your Chinese people from your evil oppressive regime. Enjoy the show, Commies! I know I am.

  17. What is the solution that Dr. Beth Costa would propose to fix the problem at Henley middle? You know when she said, “The problem we’ve been told is that the majority of our students are Caucasian and that is the biggest problem we need to fix.” Perhaps, Dr. Beth Costa is in agreement with Dr. Aruna Khilanani when her / she said, “I had fantasies of unloading a revolver into the head of any white person that got in my way.”


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