A brave assemblage of Albemarle County parents and citizens has emerged to publicly challenge the division’s compulsory implementation of Marxist Critical Race Theory.

Concerned over Albemarle County Public Schools’ (ACPS) polarizing curriculum known as “Courageous Conversations”—which promotes racialism, demonizes police, condemns capitalism, and is infused with contra-Biblical teachings on sexuality—the parents recently have formed a coalition to push back.

Citizens Advocating for Responsible Education (CARE) is an intellectually diverse group who share principles and common goals. Their presentation is measured, but vigorous, with a clear mission:

We are a concerned group of citizens and parents from Albemarle County, Virginia who are interested in ensuring our children receive healthy, responsible education from our public schools. Recent and upcoming changes to the Mission, Values and Curricula of the Albemarle County Public Schools have raised concern for a growing number of citizens and parents.

However, in advocating their position and sharing concerns at a recent Albemarle County School Board meeting, CARE members ran afoul of a local anarchist group’s “decency standards.”

Following the Board meeting, the incongruously monikered Hate-free Schools Coalition mobilized online (Facebook) with a broad “doxing” campaign intended to publicly identify, isolate, intimidate, and shame the “racists” who addressed the School Board:

Call to action, TODAY!

HFSC community: these are your neighbors, friends, and family. These individuals all spoke out at the last ACPS school board meeting in opposition to anti-racism and LQBTQIA+ inclusive curriculum. 

– [individual name redacted], White Hall District

– [individual name redacted], White Hall District

– [individual name redacted], Samuel Miller District

– [individual name redacted], White Hall District

– [individual name redacted], White Hall District

– [individual name redacted], White Hall District

– [individual name redacted]

– [individual name redacted], Rivanna District

– [individual name redacted], White Hall District

Do you know someone on this list? Call them today. Meet with them. Tell them why you value this curriculum and why their opposition to it is not in the best interest of our students.

If after speaking to these folks they can’t see the importance of this curriculum, make no mistake that individuals who hold these beliefs are dangerous to our children. Dangerous to all children but in particular LGBTQIA+ and BIPOC children. Make decisions and set boundaries with them accordingly.

Racists can’t hide. [emphasis added]

The “Coalition’s” inability to see other points-of-view as permissible is the antithesis of “tolerance.”

The “Coalition’s” overt attempts to silence dissenters through humiliation and harassment and to label participating parents as “dangerous to our children,” is clear incitement to kinetic response.

But, despite ongoing threats, CARE will persist—as members had anticipated such.

In the meantime, fascistic echoes of the 1930s, the 1950s, and the 1960s are resonating in Albemarle County, amplified by the silence of ACPS Superintendent Matt Haas, the Albemarle County School Board, and the “good Germans” who occupy the land.



  1. To all the Communist Indoctrinators that go by the name “Hate-Free Schools Coalition” HFSC, you are preying on the ignorance of so many to world history. Those of us who are not ignorant see through your Communist beliefs and attempted teachings. Have you made sure to hide all of the CCP monies you have received so as to not tip off the federal government? Ie: the Hilton Head Beach houses, etc….

  2. Attention all PAID SCHILLS for the Chinese Communist Party in Albemarle county public schools:

    Dong Jingwei

    That is all.

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