Former Henley Middle School teacher, Dan Ferraro, tells how pushing back against Critical Race Theory in Albemarle County schools cost him his position.

In this exclusive Schilling Show interview, Ferraro, tells of the chaos in his classroom and the negative impact on students caused by this mandatory Leftist indoctrination.

Interview date: June 18, 2021

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  1. To all you degenerates on the CCP board, I mean, the school board, to Matt-a-million Haas; to bumbling Beth Costa:

    Looking forward to the meeting in July when you all apologize for the errors of your ways and beg Dan’s forgiveness.

    As for Chris- the indoctrination is woven throughout-Booz: less countering the boss and more subordination please. You made caffeinated Costa look stupid. Not hard, I know, but you totally slayed her. Let’s try to be better next school year. Like Melania said, “Be Best!”

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