Perhaps it’s fitting in a city that values and promotes dependence on government—and is hostile to the concept of independence and the liberty that inevitably follows—that they would choke on the word.

Taken from a July 1 media release announcing City Hall’s closure on July 5.

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  1. Yes, it’s ridiculous that an allegedly “first-class” city puts out a blurb so obviously misspelled, and yes, it begs the question, with highly compensated staff, no one proofs their own work? I’d expect better from a professional. Mistakes happen, and we all make them, but… a covfefe moment in the Halls of Leftist Supremacy? Say it ain’t so, Mr. Wheeler.

    That said, must be a really s l o w day (or maybe 1 hour is too much time on someone’s hands?) to make such an equally ridiculous “show” of something so trivial… diatribe much, Robert?

  2. Ohhh Eric, I appreciate a first class troll session as I am a first class internet troll myself. My husband prefers I use the words, “truth teller” rather than troll, but I wear it as a badge of honor. I actually love to berate the irate communist sympathizers as publicly as I can. When people, like Rob, point-out the level of leftist arrogance to release their easily digested crap to the uniformed masses, is quite educational. The media can just crank out anything and so many people believe it. I once had a leftist lady tell me to get educated by reading the New York toilet paper Times! How embarrassing for her and she doesn’t even know it. Keep it coming, Rob. For those of us who see, we enjoy every minute of hearing you call it like it is. As a matter of fact, we could hear it for more than an hour. Good work!

  3. “Populists are better educated and morally superior to progressives because they never make typos.”


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