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It wasn’t a surprise when four parents complained to me in one week; I hear it all the time. “My child doesn’t have school again.” “My child has to stay home from school and get another COVID test, and they won’t accept a rapid test.” “They are on lock-down again.” The constant school interruptions that many parents have had to handle over the last two school years (and now for a third school year) produce frustration and concern for learning loss. Curriculum and policy changes have many worried, and these changes have been significant enough to garner media attention. Many parents feel unheard and stuck. It is time for all parents to have a choice other than public school.

Community Christian Academy came into existence ten years ago to give parents that choice. A mission to help students from all income levels, our school offers a robust scholarship program that helps 60% of our students to attend a Christ-centered, academically strong private school – no lock-downs, no constant interruptions, and no fear of what we might say regarding race, gender, or sexuality.

Many ask me how it is possible to establish a school where tuition isn’t a barrier for most families. Quite honestly, God makes it possible using many partners who understand that investing in this upcoming generation is critical to building the communities in which we want to live. We are grateful to CrossLife Community Church who allows us full use of their building for almost nothing, and we are praying for another partner to provide another building since we have turned away 100 children in two years. Our mission-driven and enthusiastic teachers provide quality learning experiences for our students daily even though they could make more money elsewhere. And finally, we have donors, many of whom redirect their state tax money to fund scholarships for our students.

Would you like to take $650 from the state and give a $1,000 scholarship to a child instead? Those who pay state taxes can do exactly that. Virginia’s Education Improvement Scholarships Tax Credit Program ( provides a 65% state tax credit on donations through this program. Donors can save even more if they itemize on state and federal taxes. Imagine getting to choose what your tax money is supporting. Personally, I have wiped out most of my state taxes for multiple years and instead have provided scholarships, so low-income children can attend a quality Christian school. Anyone interested in helping to take one more child out of public school by providing a scholarship donation through this program is encouraged to contact me for more information while there is still six weeks to take advantage of a 2021 tax credit.

Kimberly Moore, Ed.D.
Executive Director
Community Christian Academy

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