A rash of unexplained paint blobs has appeared on US 29 north and south in the greater Charlottesville area.

At least eight instances of what appears to be white or yellow paint splashed onto the road in various locations have been documented and submitted to local and state authorities.

Photographic evidence suggests cans of paint being thrown from moving vehicles; the paint then being tracked across roadways by motorists haplessly following. While the subsequent road defacement is clearly evident, the paint damage to immediately passing traffic is not apparent but can be assumed.  

Reports were filed on April 4 with VDOT, Albemarle County Police, and Greene County Sheriff’s offices. To date, no discernable action has been taken, and the filer has not been contacted.

While vandalism cannot be conclusively established presently, other explanations seem unlikely.

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  1. Apparently a lawyer hasn’t had fresh paint from the spill splashed all over his Beamer yet. There are more than a few cars that frequent the Saturday Cars and Coffee events that would have their owners in a rage should those $$$$ paint jobs get splattered.

  2. Yes Al, I wholeheartedly agree. In previous parts of the Country where I’ve lived, this would be a big deal. Local authorities would be power washing it immediately and asking the public for their help with any tips. Too bad that someone heading to a Car Event, or other travelers, may have to zig and zag at highway speeds to avoid. Thank You Rob for chronicling this apparent vandalism.


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