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Breaking: Charlottesville High School principal resigning


In an email note to his staff this morning and obtained by the Schilling Show, Charlottesville High School principal, Eric Irizarry, has announced his resignation:

Dear Team CHS-

It is with a heavy heart that I am announcing I will be leaving CHS for the 2022-23 school year. Working with you all and our students has been the best (and most difficult) years of my career. I can’t express how grateful I am to each of you for what you do for our community & families. I will be here this summer and work to make a smooth transition. Again, thank you for the memories.

Once a Black Knight Always a Black Knight.

With love,


This is a breaking news story; no further details presently are available.



  1. I did not realize that CHS took the mascot of the old Lane High School. I playied football against Lane HS when Mike Cubbage & Robert Carey were playing for Lane…

  2. Dave, back in the day both Lane and Albemarle fielded great teams especially Lane with it’s winning streak. I recall attending a Lane VS Albemarle game where both teams raced up and down the field. It all came down to Lane or CHS, I can’t recall when they switched, kicking a short field goal. The kicker blooped up a kick that barely cleared the cross bar for a Lane / CHS win. Then Albemarle moved up a level due to enrollment and got placed in a new district and they’ve struggled every since. City school have a clear advantage over more rural country schools due to the proximity of students to the school. However other schools in the area have done very well with the right leadership.


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