Christopher John Dumler has a brand-new name.

Following a disastrous tenure as a member of Albemarle County Board of Supervisors—during which he was convicted of a sex crime—Dumler has been on the lam.

The fugitive has found trouble internationally since his departure from Albemarle County, and his chequered past has continued to haunt him.

But, the wily Dumler seemingly has discovered a way to leave his tarnished history behind: he’s quietly, legally changed his name to Christopher John Browning. A public notice published in Gwinnett County, Georgia, and memorialized online, provides the details of Dumler’s belying petition—which appears to have been granted.

Christopher John Dumler, now Christopher John Browning, can run from his misdeeds but he can’t hide from the eyes of an understandably obsessed intercontinental audience. Worldwide, those who’ve been negatively impacted by Dumler’s actions will simply have to search under a new name to keep tabs on the runagate’s most recent dabblings.

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