The latest attack on God’s societal building block, the family, is underway in Charlottesville.

Consultants for Cville Plans Together, the City’s community rezoning effort, have recommended removing the word “family” from the revised zoning code:



The term “household” should be used in place of “family” throughout the ordinance. While the definition of family used today may continue to be appropriate, the new Zoning Ordinance should define a term like household, to be more neutral about the variety of existing conditions that people live in throughout the city.


The “family” term is currently applied to form descriptions as well. Terms that include “family” (such as “two-family”) should be made more generic instead (“two-unit”).

In other national forums, Marx-inspired extremists have attacked the word “family” as homophobic and exclusionary, and apparently Charlottesville’s high-paid planning consultants agree.

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