Former Vice Mayor and current City Councilor, Sena Magill, has resigned her seat on the Charlottesville City Council effective January 11, 2023.

The surprise announcement was made at the end of January 3 City Council meeting.

An emotional Magill had prepared a statement but was unable to read it. Councilor Michael Payne was asked by Magill to deliver the news in her stead.

Magill, who began Council service in January 2020, cited personal and family interests that superseded her Council duties.

According to Virginia State Code, a replacement will be appointed by the Council majority within 45 days of the resignation date.

Read Magill’s complete statement:

This evening, I have the regrettable news that I must step-down from office. The needs of my family have changed during my term in office, and in the last few months it has become more and more apparent that I cannot meet the needs effectively of both. At this time, I cannot be the mother I need to be and also provide the service to the people who elected me that I committed to. This has not been an easy decision as there is much I still want to do for this city, but right now, I need to focus on my family and their needs. Thank you for allowing me to serve you.


h/t: Carole Thorpe


  1. Hopefully we can finally weed out the racists like Bellamy and Walker and the woke politicians like McGill and Payne and others. Let’s end this rediculous Social justice, equity agenda and woke politics that had led to millions of dollars in golden parachute firings of overpaid unqualified candidates in the name of equity that have proven costly to the taxpayers. The unnecessary wasting of millions on removal of statues to appease the virtue signaling few.
    Let’s get back to people serving as stewards of our tax dollars with the mandate of looking out for our interests and not those who look at a pot of gold (or a free credit card) to enjoy.
    After all, “socialism is great…until you run out of other peoples money”

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