Most Democrats proudly embrace the culture of death that is abortion.

Over 64 million (and counting) American children have been legally murdered since 1973’s Roe v. Wade court ruling, and yet, for the Democrat party, that’s not enough.

The unfettered adoration of unmoderated dismemberment—primarily for convenience’s sake—has become creed for modern-day Democrats like Senator Creigh Deeds.

While Deeds is not alone basking in his party’s bloodlust, his promotion of such is particularly egregious.

A recent Deeds commercial advanced his pro-abortion stance with a series of endorsements from death-cult organizations like Repro Rising and the National Organization for Women—each of which applaud Deeds in his “fight for abortion rights.”

Ironically, in the final scene of the commercial, a leering Deeds is shown embracing a living baby. This hapless child—exploited as a goodwill pawn by the Senator—is nothing more than a specious façade in attempt to gloss over the ghastly, violent reality of abortion.

This remixed version of Deeds’ pro-abortion commercial presents a truer picture of his deadly political stance. Yet, Creigh Deeds and his death-cult comrades (Sally Hudson, Kellen Squire, Amy Laufer, Ralph Northam, Kathy Tran, Tom Perriello, etc.) eschew honesty in what they are actually promoting.

Abortion is not “choice.” Abortion is not “care.” Abortion is not “compassionate.”

Truth be told, Creigh Deeds, abortion is infanticide.


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