No contest: Two Greene County elected offices devoid of on-ballot candidates

For Greene County voters, electoral choices are very thin this year—and in some cases, non-existent.

In the Monroe district, neither the Board of Supervisors seat (currently held by Steve Bowman) nor the School Board seat (currently held by Todd Sansom) will have on-ballot candidates.

Additionally, one of the County’s Soil and Water positions also has no ballot-qualified entrant.

Only slightly better: the majority of available Greene County seats—including all of the listed constitutional offices—have only a single ballot choice.

To wit:

Clerk of Court: Ashby Lamb-Gomez, Incumbent

Commonwealth’s Attorney: Edwin “Win” Consolvo, Incumbent

Sheriff: Steven Smith, Incumbent

Commissioner of Revenue: Kimberly Tate, Incumbent

Treasurer: Stephanie Deal, Incumbent

Ruckersville District Supervisor: Davis Lamb, Incumbent

Ruckersville District School Board Member: Cherish Alberts

Soil and Water Conservation Director Culpeper District: Robert Runkle, Incumbent

Only two Greene County races are contested.

For the at Large Board of Supervisors seat, voters will have three choices: Francis McGuigan; Steven Kortepeter, Jr.; and Todd Sansom.

The at Large School Board seat will be decided between Kelly Greer and Buddy Barre.

Individuals interested in pursuing one of the no-contender seats will need to mount a write-in candidacy.


  1. It is sad state of affairs. The average citizen of Greene feels that they can’t make a difference. They feel the county makes decisions in the best interest of the powerful, connected and wealthier citizens of Greene and even worse for those who do not live in the county. They feel, rightfully so, that the desires and will of the average citizen are not represented. I intend to change that. FB: Francis X McGuigan; IG: fxm4bos; Website:

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