perriello-filmstripThe Americans for Prosperity (AFP) “Hands Off My Health Care” tour stopped at soon-to-be-former Congressman Tom Perriello’s Charlottesville office this morning to lead a protest against socialized medicine.

In the aftermath of Perriello’s YES vote on nationalized health care, outraged citizens and voters of Virginia’s 5th Congressional District were anxious to vent their spleens of bile, pent up since the Congressman’s midnight+ deal with the Devil, in which he voted to support H.R. 3962.

A counter-demonstration was organized by Charlottesville Democrat operative, George Loper, and it included noted local leftists Lloyd Snook and Cynthia “You Lie” Neff, among others. The main thrust of the counter protest was an apparent effort to drown out remarks of the gathered anti-Perriello group. Those addressing the AFP audience were barraged with directed chants of “Thank you, Tom,” immediately upon taking the microphone to speak.

While Charlottesville Police cruisers were on the scene, no arrests were made and the crowd was allowed to peaceably assemble through the conclusion of the protest.

View pictures of the 11/10/09 Perriello protest:


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