vdl_recyclingThe Hook is reporting a settlement in the unjust Rivanna Solid Waste Authority vs. Van der linde Recycling lawsuit.

The RICO action brought against Mr. Van der linde was settled for $19.1 million less than the $20 million potentially sought by the RSWA, with Van der linde paying $600 thousand and BFI, who was not a party to the suit paying $300 thousand.

So, what has been gained?

The Authority’s accrued legal fees likely will devour 40-50% of the gross settlement. While the amount of internal time and effort expended by RSWA, Charlottesville City, and Albemarle County staff will be not calculated, the settlement appears to be at best, a “break even” proposition for the RSWA and its City and County bedfellows.

For tax and rate payers under the Authority’s jurisdiction, it’s a total loss.

In the mean time, a private business man is out of pocket $600 thousand plus legal costs—money the RSWA will rapidly fritter away in its money-losing operation.

Government run amok is a wasteful, evil, and dangerous beast. It will consume everything in its path and leave nothing behind but solid waste.



  1. Settling a civil lawsuit is like plea bargain in a criminal suit. With a plea, you may be totally innocent but financially unable to fight the charge. But newspapers will always say you admitted guilt to whatever charge you plead. So, are Van der Linde and BFI admitting guilt with the settlement (they claim no)?, Or are they unable to fight the bottomless pockets of RSWA? Or did RSWA promise something-something as long as RSWA gets a kick-back (funding stream when Van der Linde takes over city-county waste disposal)? Why are they under a gag order? Does Van der Linde think they will leave him alone after he pays the $600,000 over 5 years? When you make a deal with the devil, don’t be surprised when you get burned.

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