census-thumbThe United States Census 2010—feared by some as a potential invasion of privacy, revered by others as a necessary tool for Government efficiency. Should you fill it out? Should you ignore it?

Government affirms that submitting requested Census information will enable localities to receive “fair” Federal funding allotment and appropriate apportionment in elected Federal representation.

Although the Census is mandated in Article 1, Section 2 of the United States Constitution, many suspect that some questions on the current Census exceed Constitutional authority. Additional alarm has been sounded in reference to the Obama administration’s politicization of the Census process and because illegal aliens will be counted just like legal American citizens in the Census process.

While the base 2010 U.S. Census mostly appears benign, a supplementary form, the American Community Survey (ACS), is far less so. Referenced in 2010 Census Constituent FAQs, the ACS is described as follows:

In 2010, every residence will receive a short form of just 10 questions. More detailed socioeconomic information previously collected through the decennial census will be asked annually of a small percentage of the population through the American Community Survey. To learn more about the American Community Survey, visit www.census.gov/acs

Those who do not to respond to the 2010 Census or the ACS face stiff fines, as delineated by the 2010 Census Constituent FAQs:

Although the law makes it a crime not to answer the decennial census, the American Community Survey and other mandatory censuses, and authorizes the courts to impose a fine of up to $5,000 for failure to respond, the Census Bureau views this approach as a last resort. Rather than emphasizing or seeking the imposition of penalties, we encourage response by explaining the importance of the questions we ask and how the information benefits
the community.

As 2010 U.S. Census questions have not yet widely been disseminated, they are posted below for review.

See the 2010 US Census questions:

Download the complete 2010 U.S. Census form.

Download the complete 2010 American Community Survey.

Download the complete 2010 Census Constituent FAQs.


  1. The County has a much more invasive survey for small business owners. I determined that by law we only had to answer a few questions. I only answered those few questions and returned the survey.

    Similarly there are only a few questions for which they could potentially fine you for not answering on the Census. I suggest that Americans everywhere only answer the few questions required by law.

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