This riddle is no joke
by Jean Walters

There’s a riddle that asks the question, “What’s the difference between socialism and communism?”

The answer, “A few days.”

Socialism, Marxism, Communism…One can discuss the differences as long as he’d like. But one thing is for sure: all of them are catastrophic. Unbelievably, there are some who actually think socialism is a good idea rooted in fairness, justice, and good will towards men. At best, we can hope these individuals are just naive and well intentioned. There are others, however, who know full well the destructive results of socialism and they are working hard towards this end. These disciples of destruction have a much more sinister and dangerous mindset as they keenly deceive simpletons.

Webster’s Dictionary defines the word deceive as: “To lead into error; to cause to believe what is false, or disbelieve what is true; to impose upon; to deal treacherously with; to mislead; cheat; disappoint; delude; ensnare.” One of our greatest needs as a nation is the need for discernment. Each individual must understand the consequences of what socialism will do to this nation and to the world. How foolish to lose everything for the nonsense of a utopian dream.

There are so many lies perpetuated by the power hungry elite that it can seem overwhelming to discern what is truth. But in wading through the mire of deception we can see there are two principle ideas that must be believed for their agenda to be successful.

  1. Socialists want us to believe they are altruistic. They have no love of money and the world would be better without this vice.
  2. Capitalism is the cause of the world’s woes. That it is a system of greed, which only makes the rich richer at the expense of the poor.

The first lie (concerning their supposed altruism) is meant to deceive us into believing they are trustworthy. After all, why wouldn’t we entrust our money to someone who doesn’t want it? The second lie is meant to convince us that our system is unfair and that it must be forever changed if there is to be peace and prosperity in the world. What can be better than for the people to be offered change all in the name of compassion? And who would be better to oversee this change than the ones who really don’t want money or who have no desire for personal gain? Yeah, right! As time goes on it becomes increasingly clear that power and money are what the socialist elite are after. If they get their way all of us will be in slavery.

Socialism as a system cannot succeed with partial control of the money. It needs total control.+ All countries trade and deal in money. It becomes difficult for a socialist government to operate in the free world market. These governments have already drained the lifeblood from the people and they need a new infusion of money from somewhere. This philosophy will ultimately have to be embraced globally and this is one reason why we see a global push towards socialism. It almost seems self-defeating and contradictory. But to the elite who only desire power and who believe they will be in control of it all, it doesn’t matter if everyone ends up in poverty. This would only give them a sense of strength. And so, the manipulation of money is underway…collectively throughout the world and then personally into the pockets of the global elite. Like a falling line of dominoes they will play the game until all are down.

We are told if we want to end poverty then we need to end capitalism. This premise is wrong. Most of the impoverished are in the condition they are in because their governments do not operate under capitalism. If these countries would actually embrace the free market system, encourage entrepreneurship, grant more personal freedoms, fight corruption, grow the private sector, and allow people to earn and keep money, then poverty would diminish. The problem is not the unfair distribution of wealth but the unfair application of the working principles needed to produce wealth.

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