Tom Perriello: Keep stealing? Yes, we will!
by Keith C. Drake


In a rare moment of “accidental honesty affliction” or “AHA,” Congressman Tom Perriello told a group of constituents last March: “If you don’t tie our hands, we will keep stealing.” (emphasis added).

Video of the event produced and posted by The Schilling Show made the national news. While many chided Congressman Perriello for the embarrassment of his AHA moment, others applauded him for his honesty.

And rightfully so, on both counts.

But now he’s campaigning for reelection, and it’s hard to run from an AHA moment when the YouTube video has over 30,000 hits.

Instead, Perriello tries to spin his remarks to his advantage. At a town meeting he hosted last Friday, he deftly rephrased his initial AHA remark to:

Congress will continue to steal from people unless they’re given no other option.”


Congress will keep stealing unless they’re given no other choice.” (again, emphasis added)

He even refers to it as one of his “favorite quotes.”  Indeed.

He goes on to talk about how “corrupt” Congress is, how we need to fix things in Washington, and yes, he even throws in the obligatory “blame Bush” reference.

It is not insignificant that Congressman Perriello attempts to distance himself from the corruption in Washington by now referring to “Congress” and “they” instead of his original “our” and “we.”

But his original AHA remark was on the mark.  Despite his attempts to pretend he is not part of congressional corruption, it is apparent from his voting record that he is part of the problem, for sure.

During the town hall meeting, another constituent asked him what he would tell our children about the national debt we’re leaving them, due in large part to the failed and so-called “stimulus” spending, national health care, and other major initiatives that spend money we don’t have.

His response: “I think we will … get rid of it — that’s what we gotta do.”

Simple as that. No explanation as to “how” we’ll get rid of it–other than a weak reference to “making tough decisions.” Perriello’s lack of specificity in dealing with our national debt — coupled with his appetite to spend other people’s money — clearly indicates he is part of the corruption, not the solution.

As much as he tries to hide from his record, it is there, and his constituents know it. The profound effect of his tax-and-spend votes on the course of our nation is not lost on voters in Virginia’s 5th District.

An attendee at the meeting gave the best response: “I am not going to accept that from any of our representatives. They should, on their own, be trying to do what’s best for the taxpayers … because I’m not going to accept that I need to tie their hands so that they’re not going to keep stealing our taxpayer money.”


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