In this Schilling Show video exclusive (footage courtesy of Mark Lloyd) Congressman Tom Perriello’s Farmville Office Manager attempts to enforce and justify Perriello’s unconstitutional assault on free speech (sign-ban). See the video and read Steve Peters’ first hand account (below) of Perriello’s power grab:

My name is Steve Peters, a United States citizen and a disenfranchised constituent of Virginia Democrat Congressman Tom Perriello (VA-05).

On August 7, 2010, in Fork Union, Virginia, I was barred from exercising my right to free speech—a right endowed to me by my Creator and guaranteed to me by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution. This travesty was perpetrated by a representative of Congressman Perriello, with the Congressman’s full knowledge and consent.

If Congressman Perriello’s name sounds familiar, you are not imagining things. This is the very same Democrat who arrogantly stated, “If you don’t tie our hands, we will keep stealing,” some months back. Now, I’m doubly incensed, as Perriello has graduated from stealing my money to stealing my rights.

This video footage shows the exchange that took place when a young man (Joe Topham) approached our group as we were gathered in the parking lot, prepping our signs for display in Congressman Perriello’s town hall meeting that morning. Topham did not identify himself beforehand, acting as though he was an official associated with the building’s management. During the initial conversation he firmly stated that NO SIGNS would be allowed inside the building.

Several minutes into the discussion Mr. Topham reluctantly conceded that he was actually employed by Tom Perriello as the manager of Perriello’s Farmville field office. Upon this revelation, I became upset over not only the sign ban, but also over the manner in which Topham attempted to conceal his direct relationship with Congressman Perriello.

In an attempt to mitigate Perriello’s breach of my rights, I appealed to his district director, Ridge Schuyler, to drop the sign-ban. He summarily dismissed my concerns.

After attending another town hall meeting in which signs were prohibited, I contacted the Rutherford Institute, a civil rights organization specializing in First Amendment issues. Through Rutherford’s intervention, Perriello immediately rescinded the sign ban.

But, the story did not die. Instead, it went “national” as information outlets across America covered Perriello’s attempted end-run around the Constitution.

Here, for the first time, you can actually witness the Congressman’s underhanded efforts to silence dissent. Let this videotaped confrontation serve as a record of Democrat Congressman Tom Perriello’s union-inspired attempt to steal my (and many others’) right to freedom of speech.

Don’t think it can’t happen to you. It happened to me.

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  1. Now, I’m doubly incensed, as Perriello has graduated from stealing my money to stealing my rights.

    Mr. Peters, you are such a victim. Not even Perriello’s rescinding of the ban can break up your pity party.

  2. Ken – I love your cavalier attitude about rights. Hmmm…guessing you never actually had to defend them.

    We are victims – especially starting 1/1/11 – when all the details Nancy was talking about come to light – remember we have to pass the bill to find out what’s in it. Well – our household will immediately have to cut back as I can see a 2,000+ increase in my Federal Income tax already. Believe me we are not rich.

  3. Mama_Fluco,I agree that Perriello’s ban was unlawful, but I don’t blame him for the basic impulse. After the incivil displays at town hall meeting elsewhere last summer, I don’t find it scandalous that he or the SEIU would want to prevent more of the same. Remember when Bush would screen applicants for his town hall meetings? Now that was undemocratic.

    And I’m sorry if the health care legislation will cost you, but you’re not a victim, you just lost an election. Angry conservatives always seem to feel that every time liberals enact legislation, conservatives have been done an injustice. And vice-versa. The attitude is childish. It’s not your country, or the liberals’ country, it’s our country, and this is a democracy. Didn’t your mother tell you you had to share?

  4. @ken Rights in this country do not depend upon who wins or loses and election. “Mama_Fluco,I agree that Perriello’s ban was unlawful…” Stop there. There is no “but.” What are they teaching you people in school these days? We are not talking about conservatives or liberals. What does that have to do with the Bill of Rights? “Congress shall make no laws…” I gues they need to add “Congressman shall make no rules…” Your attitude disgusts me more than if you said you did not believe in freedom of speech. Unfortunately you are typical of Americans today who are so elitists that they believe that either liberals or conservatives should enjoy the privilege of a right because of who’s in power, but not all Americans at the same time. Stalin would have loved you.

  5. Cville Eye, Stalin would have hated my record collection, especially my Shostakovich discs. Thanks for the response, but your description of my views is pure presumption, I’m sorry to say. Of course our rights should not depend on who’s in power. (Once in a while I actually agree with our almost-cut-my-hair — don’t do it, Rob! — host. Perriello had no legal right to keep signs out of his town halls, but I don’t think he was trying to curtail your free speech. He wasn’t thinking about the law. He was just trying to keep you and your angry friends off of Fox News at his expense. A hater of the Constitution? Or just a smart politician? Think about it and decide. Never mind. It’s ten to one you’ve already decided that Democrats are bums, and that decides it.

    Me, I like anyone with a strong point of view who’d rather understand his opponent’s view than fantasize about and mock it.

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