Democrat Cynthia Neff will formally announce on June 14, her intention to seek the Rivanna District seat on the Albemarle County Board of Supervisors—a position currently held by two-term incumbent Republican, Ken Boyd.

Neff, whose stated credentials primarily focus on social justice “philanthropy,” is a current board member of Advocates for a Sustainable Albemarle Population (ASAP), an extremist, zero-population-growth “environmental” organization. She also is a co-chair of the “gender transformative,” web-based, TrueChild, whose stated vision is, “a world where every child can break through gender stereotypes, so they can be their true selves and reach their full potential.”

No stranger to controversy, Neff was accused by multiple sources of ethics breaches in her unsuccessful 2009 campaign for the Virginia House of Delegates 58th District seat.

The announcement is scheduled for 10:00 AM at the Albemarle County Office Building.


  1. I am not prone so much to defend Cynthia Neff, as I am to note the petty hypocrisy.

    Whereas you point to her many associations with groups you take exception to, Cynthia makes no apologies for them. Nor should she. I realize how much certain hot button issues amuse you, and how you delight in wallowing in your own ideological excesses, but it may surprise you that many people who share your purported values can also respect the environment, social issues, and a diversity of opinion. Must be nice living in your black and white world.

    Which leads me to this bit about “lying”. In listening to the show, one cannot help but note the incessant drumbeat of gotchas, usually aimed at folks with views who differ from your own. Yet, when a FOR (freind of Rob) drops his trow in the public square, narry a peep.

    So, I direct your readers to a lapse in coverage.

    Cynthia’s opponent, Ken Boyd, saw fit to defend his decision to reverse the County’s position on the proposed Western Bypass in a piece published in our daily newspaper,

    To quote him: “Absent from the arguments of those opposed to the bypass are statistics on local traffic as outlined in the Thomas Jefferson Planning District Commission’s Technical Memorandum 3 of October 2007. Taking into consideration the commuting patterns of the University of Virginia employees living in Forest Lakes or the National Ground Intelligence Center woker living in Crozet, this document states that the percentage of traffic taken off U.S. 29 by the bypass could be as high as 49 percent.”

    Too bad for Ken, but a read of said technical memo states no such thing. In fact, said analysis originates from a blog piece authored by a non-technical political lobbyist interpretting some data.

    And maybe that analysis is dead on — IMHO, its not — but it is inappropriate — and it seems to me by your high standards of truthiness, a lie — to attribute an analysis to a consultant’s workproduct.

    A goof? Perhaps. But when raised with Mr. Boyd recently, his response speaks volumes: “Your personal opinion and logic doesn’t even warrant a reply.”

    Thank you, Mr. Boyd.

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