In a diaphanous replay of intra-party hijinks from the 2009 campaign for city Sheriff, Charlottesville’s Democrat Party establishment again has neglected or refused to promote the web site of an anti-establishment candidate.

Democrat Dede Smith, who announced her City Council candidacy on June 13—and has had a functional web site for at least a week—was not given the courtesy of a link to her campaign site in a June 20 email newsletter, Cville Dems News & Events, which is produced by

Party Bosses, Jim Nix and Tom Vandever— coincidentally “managing” the campaigns of favored candidates, Satyendra Huja, Kathy Galvin, and Paul Beyer—rightfully fear Dede Smith as “most likely to succeed” in dethroning one of the Party anointed in the August 20 firehouse primary. The Democrats’ official deprecation of her candidacy is a subtle but perceptible jab at Smith, cowardly conveyed “between the lines.”

Although they know it full well, for the benefit of nonplussed Nix and vapid Vandever (and other interested parties), Democrat Dede Smith can be reached online at


  1. Dear Rob, Will there be more Democrats in the “firehouse
    primary” field? Will there be an Afro-American candidate
    in the Democratic primary?

  2. Dear Rob, What I meant to write is will there be
    an Afro-American candidate for Charlottesville
    City Council in the Democrats’ firehouse primary.
    Will there?

  3. Word is, Gary, that the local Dems are working feverishly to secure Collete Blount as their “black” candidate. Karen Waters is in the backup position.

    With the possibility of Paul Garrett losing to Llezelle Dugger, this could be a bad year for race relations within the Charlottesville Democrat Committee.


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