Following a now-national story of the Voter Participation Center (VPC) attempting to defraud voters of private information—while pretending to be the Virginia State Board of Elections—comes confirmation of further reported election-related hijinks by the VPC.

To wit, meet Lilly C. Lund, a prize-winning pet dachshund. The politically far-left VPC—an organization with direct ties to George Soros and other prominent Democrats—sent Miss Lilly a voter registration form, encouraging her to submit sensitive information under the guise of voter registration. And this is not the only certified instance of the Voter Participation Center attempting to register a dog to vote.

The Mitt Romney campaign has requested investigation of the VPC’s underhanded election-grabbing tactics, calling upon Virginia Attorney General, Ken Cuccinelli, to intervene.

In the mean time, it’s all too apparent that Democrats, and Democrat-affiliated organizations like the Voter Participation Center, are working overtime to steal not only voter’s identities, but the upcoming 2012 elections, as well.

Click below to see photographic evidence of the Voter Participation Center’s attempted registration of a dog:




  1. So let’s see, are the pets and the dead people being reminded to bring their IDs to the polls? Clearly the VPC is making mistakes, not intending to encourage fraud.

    The truth is that human nature applies across the board, so some Democrats are probably trying to commit fraud, and some Republicans are probably trying to keep eligible voters from the polls. More importantly, both sides are acting out of political self-interest and not principle or principle alone. Have the guts to tell the truth.

  2. When I was downtown on the mall yesterday, I happend to walk by the “O” campaign headquarters. There was the cutest little daschund in the window there.

    You don’t suppose? Naw. Surely it couldn’t have been. Although, this is Charlottesville.

    What? The scam to be possibly had with C’ville’s #1 commodity – a revolving door of university students – just isn’t manufacturing enough votes, huh? Now wind of this resort to procur people’s pet or domestic animals for registration. Honestly?

    Okay… somebody in Rob’s audience is bound to blister me behind the barn door over just saying this. Just remember, I’m just saying (humorously) all this…..

  3. It is absolutely ridiculous to not see this upcoming election for exactly what it is. It is a contest between good and evil. Between patriots and madness. Between the heights of freedom, and the pit of tyranny. It is about power. The Democratic Party has become an infested body of corruption, self-seeking and self-aggrandizing individuals whose only purpose is to promote the vile notion of state control of finance, ethics, morality and conscience. The American people no longer are blind to the failed policies and heretofore disguised legislation that has brought America to the edge of destruction. Having lost the ability to fool the general population, this party has, can and will stop at nothing to “win” at all costs. The end justify the means in their mind. Including votes from beyond the grave, and from the zoo. It’s time to realize who the true enemies of freedom really are, and to take action as hardily and as handily, against our domestic enemies, with the same vigor as we have contested against our foreign ones. Otherwise, we hand our children not an American Dream, but an American nightmare.

  4. Hank, can you take up the challenge Rob ducked and explain how the VPC thought it could get dead people and pets to vote? Without this explanation, the charge that this was an election-stealing ploy rather than a clerical mistake makes no sense.

    It is absolutely ridiculous to not see this upcoming election for exactly what it is. It is a contest between good and evil. Etc.

    Here’s something evangelical Wheaton College professor Alan Jacobs wrote recently on his blog “more than 95 theses”:

    “It’s comforting, no doubt, to think that everyone who disagrees with you does so either out of intellectual deficiency or mendacity; as long as you convince yourself of that you can believe that there are no really difficult questions and that every problem has an ideal solution. Those particular illusions are dear to most people, and anyone who disrupts them gets punished. Moreover (I theorize) the moderate who disagrees with you is more troublesome than the person at the opposite extreme, since that moderate has probably agreed with you about some issues in the past and has therefore appeared to be a rational person, so the current disagreement seems like a betrayal, and one of the worst kinds of betrayal: the cruel revelation that the world is more complicated than you thought it was. This, I think, is why the people I follow on Twitter hate David Brooks more than any other columnist (and in many cases “hate” is not too strong a word): whoever they are, they’ve probably seen him be right about some things, so when he’s wrong it’s just insufferable. It disrupts the pigeonholes.

    [. . .] I’d like to think that there were Good Old Days when moderate or ideologically variable positions were received with more good will, or at least polite silence. That probably isn’t true, but at least back in the day contempt didn’t come furnished with a digital megaphone.”

  5. Ken, Rob did not dodge anything. If I walk down the sidewalk beside a property with a twelve foot fence, and an apple hits me on the head, I need not see the tree itself, to know it must be an apple tree. If I stand on the edge of Humpback Rocks, and release a hammer, I need not see it impact, to know that it indeed, has fallen. Just as inanimate objects adhere to certain characteristics assigned to them by Providential Design, so to, do people. Since organizations are made up of people, they too have undeniable characteristics.

    What political party is responsible for legislating away from the public arena, the absolute truth of God’s Word, in the name of moral pluralism? What party, in its insatiable desire to expand its political base, has encouraged the worship of all other gods, in the name of multiculturalism? What political party has endorsed all kinds of sexual perversions, calling it the right of an alternative lifestyle? What party exploits the poor by promising more benefits with no expectation of working for those benefits? What party rewards laziness and sloth, calling it welfare? What party endorses the death of the innocent unborn, while preserving the vile for life at times, in prisons, and calls it choice? What party discourages the proper disciplining of children, in the name of supposedly building self-esteem? What party abuses it’s power, and calls it political savvy?

    In this day of an electronic app for everything, I can not and will not subscribe to the notion of a simple clerical error. We can track a cow stricken with mad cow disease, all the way back to the farm, stall and mother from which it was born. Yet we are sending voter registrations to dogs and dead people. Really?

    Why do I know that if this shoe had been on the other foot, there would be a public outcry from the liberal media, and every other pantywaist pundit, claiming unfair voter fraud. The Good Old Days you described, were only good for one side. Conservatives made the mistake of being too polite and too tolerant back in the day when all of this nonsense should have been strangled in it’s infancy. The children of Woodstock should have had their asses whipped and the devil beat out of them. Alas, we now reap the whirlwind of the children who have now become adults of barbarism. The time for politeness and civility are past. The street fight that one side has been egging on is about to arrive.

  6. Hank, media bias is no excuse for making accusations you can’t back up. You guys want this to be one more case of Democrats being “evil,” so you can keep looking down on them and feeling smug and self-righteous by comparison. Admit it, you relish it when Democrats do bad things.

    I actually agree with a lot of your critiques of progressives and the Woodstock generation, and I mostly respect the ones I don’t agree with. I just try to look for and acknowledge the good motives as well as the bad one on both sides. I can see, for example, that you genuinely think Democrats are hurting the poor and Democrats genuinely think they’re helping them. I don’t demonize either position.

    Jesus told us to love our enemies, not sneer at them. If you want to win ideological battles, you can skip getting down on your knees (as Rob talked about today) and thanking God that you’re not as bad as all your evil enemies and asking him to vanquish them for the sake of good people like yourself. Just try speaking the truth in love and charity and humility instead. Just try recognizing that Huja and Norris and Perriello and Obama are decent people with good motives.

    Have you heard of the great 20th century Christian writer G.K. Chesterton? The London Times once asked him for an essay on the subject of “What’s wrong with the world?” Here’s what he wrote, in full: “Dear Sirs, I am. Sincerely yours, G.K. Chesterton.”

    Try that some time and you’ll change the country like you can’t imagine. Keep hyperventilating about how evil progressives are, and they’ll just turn you off.

  7. Ken, I am not speaking for myself,but as a student of history, I am trying to put voice to the current thinking that is becoming alive on the streets. That which is obvious in it’s absence. Allegedly, a German General once stated, in the moths leading up to WWII, that “Why do you not understand Hitler? You created him.” This incident was supposed to have occurred in a room of military and political dignitaries from around the world. He was suggesting that the severe penalties issued against Germany after WWI, created the very environment that allowed such a madman as Hitler, to not only have a voice, but to assume power. Germany was in economic chaos, and the general self-esteem of the German people was almost non-existent. Hitler came along, and restored a pride and a fighting spirit to the people, and well, we know the rest.

    The ability for human individuals to make choices and to have personal autonomy over themselves and their families, is the bed rock of basic human needs. Ask any therapist why he or she has so many on the couch, and they will tell you that it is primarily due to the feelings of frustration people feel, of not having any control over their circumstances. Today, there are millions of people, who through no fault of their own, have no jobs. They have worked hard, delayed gratification, scrimped and saved, in hopes of a better future for themselves and their children. Now, that hard work and delayed gratification has not come to fruition. Instead, they have lost their homes, and all of their hard earned savings have been utilized to survive day by day. Any hope of future plans as they once were, have been eradicated. The fact that there is no imminent economic boom seen returning to this present economy, does not give them hope of being able to undo the damage.

    There is an air of anger and resentment now. I have seen it, perhaps you have too. Stand in line at Wal-mart, and watch and listen. You see folks standing in line with the bare basics in their shopping cart. They are not dressed flashy, etc. They are watching as a finely dressed person throws expensive food items, along with DVD’s and video game CD’s on the counter. Then they pull out their government issued (taxpayer funded) SNAP EBT card. Watch the faces and body language of those around them. It is more pronounced and noticeable these days. I once had a total stranger in behind me exclaim to me, “I’m sure glad I can work three jobs in order to fund their lifestyle.” That line of thought may have always existed in the check-out line, but only in this new reality, are you hearing it said out loud.

    Ken, you say “Just try recognizing that Huja and Norris and Perriello and Obama are decent people with good motives.” Don’t forget the old axiom about the substance that the road to hell is composed of. You and I can have discussions, as we have been doing for some time now in this forum. What concerns me is those who can’t. It isn’t getting much play yet, but do you realize what is happening around us? That the KKK is re-emerging is a given. But there are other groups whispered of. Groups I’ve never heard of before.Sovereign Citizen, Knights of the True Republic, etc. They are done talking. They’ve lost their jobs, their savings. They look into the faces of their families and feel ashamed that, through no fault of their own, they cannot provide. They can see no avenue of effecting change in their lives, short of direct and unlawful action. The same holds true with certain zealots on the left side.

    Culturally, we are constructing a blacksmith’s shop in the middle of a powder factory. It is just a matter of one misstep, and we all get caught up in the firestorm. Consider today for example. Chick-Fil-A. Large numbers plan to show support for Chick-Fil-A, by eating there. An equally large number of protesters from the LBGT community, plan to show their disdain, by staging “kiss-ins”. Now add the aforementioned element of people, who decide they will stage a “shoot-up”. What’s the outcome of that?

    We are stumbling around as a drunkard, on a booby trapped crate of eggs. All polling data shows the country almost completely split down the middle, on almost all issues that are substantive. Statistical abstracts ironically show the same. There exists an almost equal state of those who pay taxes, and those who do not work, and who pay no taxes. When I state that the time for talk is past, I do not refer to you and I, but the seeming world in general. The fuse is already lighted I am afraid. Its just a matter of how long it will gesticulate, before igniting the primary load.

  8. Hank, I’m not sure what all that had to do with my criticism of your tone, but in any case the culture war rhetoric you and Rob engage in, your presumption that our elected officials must have rotten morals because they have rotten policies, only fuels the extremism you’re talking about.

    Let’s take the abortion issue, which always sets Rob off on how morally inferior progressives are. I’m pro-life too, but I see that the other side has legitimate moral concerns: concerns for mothers whose lives are threatened by a pregnancy; concerns for unmarried mothers thrown into or kept in poverty by unwanted pregnancies; concerns for children born with severe physical or mental handicaps; concerns for children born to mothers who because of naiveté about what it takes to raise a child don’t put them up for adoption but then don’t really want or love them either.

    You don’t need to reply with the usual conservative arguments. I know them all. It’s because I agree with them that I’m pro-life. But recognizing that good people can come to other conclusions is basic to loving one’s enemies. So do we want to feel morally superior, or do we want to change the culture by moral persuasion? Do we want to rage, or do we want results?

  9. By the way, the Chick-fil-A controversy is a good example of what I’m talking about. Dan Cathy couldn’t just say that he opposes gay marriage. No, he has to blast gay marriage proponents as “prideful” and “arrogant.” They couldn’t, for example, just be gay people who love their partners and instinctively feel, like any one else in love, that their love is good and beautiful. They couldn’t be straight friends or relatives of gay people who are moved by the love they see and want society to honor it. No, they have to be proud and arrogant.

    It’s this lack of empathy, this failure to love and to criticize lovingly, that makes people roll their eyes when you call yourselves Christians.

  10. Ken and other —
    The Western Center for Journalism —
    “Mind you he didn’t denounce gays. All he did was state his unequivocal preference for the lifestyle choice of the vast majority. Is it really an unpardonable sin to express one’s support for something other than an alternative lifestyle practiced by a small minority.”
    It is not a lack of empathy. It is a man who build a business bases on his religious beliefs( as our founding fathers tried to do). Being a Christian is a way of life, to be mindful, to be aware of good and bad things that happen in life. Being a Christian in today world does take allot of faith, not being afraid. So if I tell someone I am average run of mill Christian, how do you expect me to tell them? Should I wear a blue cross on my shirt as the Jew worn yellow stars on their clothing? But as my grandmother would say — there are something in this world are not worth getting into a spitting contest over.

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