A weekend “Hunt Brunch” event of Scottsville’s Tri-County Riding Club features an unexpected and perhaps questionable choice for host: Albemarle County Board of Supervisors member Christopher J. Dumler.

The 27-year-old Democrat, awaiting trial on a recent charge of forcible sodomy, is hosting the event along with Albemarle County Commonwealth’s Attorney, Denise Lunsford, and the father of Lunsford’s children, Richard Brewer. Astonishingly, the trio is slated to provide “Bloody Marys,” “Mimosas,” and “Fall Themed Beers” for the affair.

As a condition of his $50,000 secured bond, Judge William Barkley ordered Dumler—among other things—to refrain from alcohol consumption. While the email party invitation (see below) does not specify that Supervisor Dumler will be partaking in his palliative provision, it also does not imply otherwise.

It is said that discretion is the better part of valor; it appears that neither are present in the planning and execution of this alcohol-themed soiree.

(Read the email invitation)


Fun Menu includes:

Country Ham Biscuits
Tomato Rounds with Smoked Mozzarella and Roasted Red Peppers
Chicken Strips
Italian Meatballs with Spicy BBQ Sauce

All catered by Anderson’s Carriage House Foods.

Cost will be $12.00 per person.

Hosts Denise Lunsford, Richard Brewer and Chris Dumler will provide:

Bloody Marys
Fall Themed Beers

RSVPs by Friday 11/9 at noon to Denise at xxx@gmail.com or 434-xxx-xxxx

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  1. Well, if he wants to throw a big party he should invite all of us to it (hahhahah). He may as well party now while he can if he wants to. He won't get to do that much in jail.

  2. A brunch isn’t a “drinking party,” obviously, and it’s 100-1 Dumler won’t be drinking anyhow. You’ve had him tried and convicted since the charges were first brought, but in the eyes of the law, he’s still innocent.

  3. Dumler bartending when he forbidden to drink is questionable, true. The Commonwealth Attorney partying with a suspect awaiting trial for a felony in her county, the evidence against whom she had to review to allow his arrest????? Even if she recused herself, this is highly unprofessional at best.

  4. area, the guy knows he’s going to jail if he takes a drink. The odds against someone who’s not an alcoholic drinking in that situation are very high, don’t you think? What would you put them at?

    Whaaat?, a brunch is not a party, and the CA has already had Dumler arrested.

  5. This is where the lack of common sense is showing. If he was arrested for a crime and etoh was involved. Why put yourself in a position where by just beng there look bad.
    Brunch may not be pe a party but still can put on. Per rumors mill Dumler suppoely like to tie one on. Beside all of this, until the trial is over with, beside to keep a low profile.

  6. Ken:
    He was supposely under the influnce of ETOH. That is one reason the judge told him to stay away from it. Rape happen anything, any place. rape ranges in scope for physical to mental. Rape is rape.
    From dealing with individuals who have been rape, plus dealing with individuals who caused rape. It is not petty, it can tear victim and treatmetn team down to the bare soul. Nursing gut just doesn’t look right.

  7. Ken:
    Be well, I am going to miss your posting. You made me think and made me do my homework.
    Be well Ken
    Be well

  8. area, thanks a lot for the kind words. All the best to you, and to others here. And thanks to Rob for letting me post here despite all my criticism.

  9. Drinking always causes, stinking thinking, it dose'nt matter who it is . The real question is, how do you want to spend your life.
    1. Making decisions that are consistent with the future you want.
    2. Drink your self in to stupidity and take the life that you get.
    It's really sad, if drinking is this important to you, get help sooner than later.
    Find a celebrate recovery program,


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