Exclusive to the Schilling Show, below is the harrowing 911 call placed by “Ann, Downy,” presumably a passenger in the vehicle driven by 20 year-old Elizabeth Daly as Daly’s SUV was surrounded by plainclothes Virginia Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) agents.

Daly was arrested on the night of April 11, 2013 following a terrorizing incident in the Charlottesville Harris Teeter parking lot. State agents suspected Daly of being an underage purchaser of alcohol, when in fact she had bought bottled water and cookie dough from the grocery store. When bellowing officers surrounded her car, Daly and her passengers, unsure of the aggressors’ identities calmly called 911 to report the incident.

The tension escalated quickly, though, as ten-seconds into the call, shrieks of “oh my God” and “what should we do” emanate from the vehicle as the girls plead for help and advice from the local 911 operator. In the background, what appears to be a female voice can be heard screaming, “get out, get out, get out.”

According to written reports, Daly feared that the ABC officers were trying to break the vehicle’s windows, and soon after, Daly left the scene, driving until the 911 operator instructed the vehicle to stop, upon reassurance that the officers were with ABC.

The 911 operator then asks to speak with one of the agents, who identifies himself as  “John” [last name unintelligible], and tells the operator that “everybody’s showing badges” and that the driver “pulled up and tried to run over people.”

A second 911 call was placed by a male witness to the incident, who reported seeing “undercover officers” and “a gun being pulled” in the Harris Teeter parking lot.

Contrary to multiple published accounts, charges against Elizabeth Daly have not been dropped, but rather, they were voluntarily withdrawn. Charlottesville Commonwealth’s Attorney, Dave Chapman, says that although charges technically could be “re-instituted, his office would “…resist any attempt by anyone to initiate a prosecution of this matter in the future.”

More than 300 supporters of Elizabeth Daly (and the rule of law) have signed an online petition to Governor Bob McDonnell, requesting discipline for the officers involved and an ABC apology for the assault.

Exclusive: Hear “Ann Downy’s” 911 call regarding the ABC assault on Elizabeth Daly’s vehicle:

[audio: https://www.schillingshow.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/Downy-Daly-911-call.mp3]

Exclusive: Hear the witness’s 911 call reporting that a gun had been pulled in the Elizabeth Daly incident:

[audio: https://www.schillingshow.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/Daly-Witness-911-edit.mp3]


  1. More stupid pathetic hillbilly cops. Says a lot about how the rich people in the country view society. Hmm, who should we hire to carry a badge and gun? Let’s the hire the dumbest people! Good idea!

  2. This has absolutely nothing to do with Obama at all. This has everything to do with ABC which has it's own governing body. These seven men made a mistake and even if she did have beer, my question is why did they act like they did? Obama doesn't over see every bureau and agency of the government. They have their own heads even if he can write directives he isn't everywhere all of the time. Anyone who tries to draw Obama into this is simply being inane. Don't blame all of ABC for what these men did. People are too quick to blame who organizations and people who have an indirect link.

  3. Oh come on, This has NOTHING to do with Obama. If you think so then you are delusional. They have always been like this and there have been complaints about ABC for a long time and I mean going clear back to the sixties. The rest of your stuff is not true at all. You must have read something from The Onion or a place like that. They write satirical articles mostly about politics and then some dummy will circulate them around the net with nothing saying where they come from. They are joke articles that are made up…this is what they do. I have seen many around the net.

    Here is one connected to that:

    Did President Barack Obama really tell a group of Congressional interns not to celebrate the Independence Day holiday?

    FALSE: A satirical article set off the rumor

    You can find this under MSN news called Rumor: Obama told Interns Not to Celebrate the 4th of July.

    You need to check things out before you believe them.

    A label at the end of the short article reads in all capital letters: "POLITICAL SATIRE." It's totally false, agrees the rumor-busting site Snopes. It's all made up — there was no such speech.

  4. it is an Obama-like mentality that you can do whatever you want because you are an official that I am guessing has a very small penis

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