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Schilling Show rocks Drudge Report



A July 5 breaking story on 911 tapes of Elizabeth Daly’s arrest at a Charlottesville Harris Teeter store propelled The Schilling Show into the international news spotlight once again, as the Drudge Report published the news top-of-page.

An overwhelming response from Drudge patrons crashed our server and that of BearingDrift.com, where the story also appeared.

Ultimately, the piece was adapted and published by Breitbart.com, where it was seen by multitudes of national and international readers.

The Schilling Show thanks the Drudge Report, Bearing Drift, and Breitbart for sounding the alarm on the abuses of the Virginia Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control in their unjust and unwarranted assault on Elizabeth Daly and her passengers.



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