chris dumlerFormer Albemarle County Supervisor, Democrat Chris Dumler, may not practice law in Virginia, according to the Virginia State Bar web site.

Christopher John Dumler’s law license is “not in good standing” and has been administratively suspended for non-payment of annual dues as of October 9, 2013.

Best known for facing forcible sodomy charges while serving as an Albemarle County’s Scottsville District Supervisor, Dumler resigned his seat following conviction on lesser sex charges and a subsequent firestorm of public outcry.

Watch pre-resignation Chris Dumler following a recent court appearance:

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  1. Great! It's about time the Virginia State Bar get rid of him; if not for being an admitted and convicted sexual offender, at least for Chris Dumler's abrogating his lawyer duties by him abandoning his client.

    One has to wonder at the standards of Orange County to hire a criminal sex offender as their public defender in the first place.

    Now when will the authorities go to his oh-so-lived-in residence in Scottsville and arrest this fugitive from justice? (see They (Albemarle County deputies) don't seem to be trying very hard.

  2. Usually that indicates that the licensee has left the state and has no intention of returning.

    Which in any serious reporting would have been the headline.

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