The University of Virginia’s recent decision to terminate insurance coverage for employee spouses “who have access to coverage through their own employer” is contributing to budget maladies at Albemarle County Schools.

A Thursday evening staff presentation to the Albemarle County School Board showed a direct cost to the division of $348,724 as a result of “Increased Health Enrollees (UVA).” Division spokesperson, Phil Giaramita, clarifies that the noted expense occurred as a result of UVa changing their health plan coverage policy, adding “at least 42 employees” to Albemarle Schools’ health care rolls.

While Albemarle County Schools continues to struggle with closing a largely self-created, multi-million dollar budget gap, they cannot be pleased that their neighbors at the University of Virginia infected them with a festering pile of unanticipated annual debt.

For its part, the University of Virginia, which strongly endorsed Obamacare, continues to battle with its own financial troubles brought on by the passage of the soi-disant Affordable Care Act.


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