Special ReportBy Michael Del Rosso

The most salient factor concerning U.S. interests and the Obama administration’s strategies in the Middle East is that America is at war but the administration has failed to identify their Enemy, their Doctrine, and their Objective.

The evidence will show that “The war which we fight is primarily defined by the enemy as INFORMATION WARFARE, which manifests itself in our system as political warfare, influence operations, and subversion of our foundational institutions: political, educational, religious, and media. Yet, our entire government structure is focused on the kinetic war – shootings, bombings, kidnappings and other acts of ‘terrorism.’”

These Enemy information operations influence U.S. foreign policy and national security decisions to the detriment of U.S. interests. Two of the more egregious manifestations of this were employment of U.S. might and influence to force an American ally, Egypt’s Mubarak, out of office to be replaced by a Muslim Brotherhood regime which has openly declared war against America, as well as a NATO campaign to force Libya’s Gaddafi, a compliant, cooperative anti- jihadi, out of power permitting known al Qaeda rebel leaders to acquire OPEC wealth and a massive arms cache with which to empower jihadi insurgencies in other Middle East countries.

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