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Guest Editorial Graphic Schilling Show BlogThe clearly presented facts at a seminar given by Understanding the Threat with Chris Gaubatz, Saturday, November 5th in Greene County, Virginia at Piedmont Valley Community College, were not published by the local media. The seminar was about the Islamic jihadi threat and touched on issues of the current refugee program.

But, the focus by most of the media remained on discrediting the speakers instead of concentrating on the critical issues facing this country today. The failure of the journalists involved speaks volumes to many who see a tremendous liberal, politically-correct bias not only locally in Virginia, Charlottesville and Greene County, but in mainstream media across the country.

Rob Schilling, a local talk radio host and producer of The Schilling Show, was present for the entire program. He was the only one in media who could report authentically as to what was said that day. He obviously understands real, factual journalism. In addition, he does not shy away from issues deemed untouchable by the main-stream media. Nor does Sheriff Steve Smith who paid out of his own pocket for Saturday’s venue in order to educate the citizens in his district as to issues facing our country’s national security.

On the other hand, Pat Fitzgerald, editor of the Greene County Record, chose to use Council for American Islamic Relations (CAIR) as a credible source in his article, “Sheriff Says Seminar is Still On,” by quoting their derogatory statements about the speakers involved before the seminar even took place.

This reveals his lack of knowledge and understanding of the topics at hand. Had he simply registered for the free seminar and attended, he may have been able to report what was actually said and would have discovered CAIR’s devious connections. Reporting facts is what journalism is all about, or at least used to be. The doors were open, by the way, to anyone who wanted to attend.

Further, as a matter of record, CAIR was named an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation Trial adjudicated in 2008. It was the largest terrorism financing trial in the history of our country. In July, 2009 a Federal Court found CAIR to be connected to Hamas, a designated Foreign Terrorist Organization, which you would think may cause a journalist to pause before citing them as authentic. Knowing your sources would require research and work, as opposed to following an easy leftist leaning narrative that has been prepared for most journalists of today.

If you swerve off the path of that narrative and actually go searching for the facts and truth about some topics considered off-limits, today’s journalist may find a quick reminder from a superior to get back on the plantation.

This is similarly  what happens to people in the public square who dare to stand and present facts about issues such as the Global Islamic Jihadi Threat or negative ramifications of the Refugee Resettlement Program. They are simply told to shut-up and sit down by the media, leftists and the followers of the Muslim Brotherhood. Fortunately that didn’t happen Saturday as Gaubatz completed an informative seminar.

To set the record straight, Chris Gaubatz has established his credibility by recently testifying before the Senate Judiciary subcommittee titled, “Willful Blindness: Consequences of Agency Efforts to Deemphasize Radical Islam in Combating Terrorism.”

He also worked undercover with CAIR as an intern, and has great insight and personal experience to the activities in which that organization was involved, which includes proof of CAIR’s connections with Osama bin Laden. To also correct the media, Chris Gaubatz did not write the book, Muslim Mafia, as reported on a CBS 19 News, but his father did along with Paul Sperry.

And I am simply a well-informed, concerned citizen who was labeled as an anti-immigrant, bigot, and the fabricated adjective, “Islamophobic,” by CAIR. I am also the one who spoke about the Refugee Resettlement Saturday, yet not one person in the media ever asked me about the facts surrounding this program. Neither Chris nor I received one phone call for comment, even though Fitzgerald’s article said we were unable to be reached, implying a lack of transparency.

I only want to get facts out about the refugee program, not because I am what CAIR claims me to be, but because I care about our national security, personal safety, economy, healthcare, education, and our culture.

With the expected increase in mostly Muslim Refugees from warring Islamic countries comes national security risks that are grave according to our top national security experts. The cost to the local tax-payer are burdensome and will be seen in an ever-increasing property tax.

The load on an already overburdened healthcare and mental healthcare system will make Americans wait longer for care. Albemarle schools have 79 different languages presently being spoken in the school systems compared with just 4, thirty years ago. That in itself does not promote a good learning environment for students, not to mention the incredible cost for English as a Second Language (ESL) trainers. And finally, the culture is the glue that holds a country together, once diluted it will cause difficulties for our country. History demonstrates this.

And to clarify my previous paragraph, I love having people here from other cultures and think it is great for them to celebrate their culture and traditions as long as those practices don’t infringe on the Constitutional freedoms of American citizens. Does that really make me a bigot, anti-immigrant, or an “Islamophobe”?

Shariah Law happens to be what a large number of Muslims practice who are coming from places like Syria. Shariah opposes man-made law, our Constitution, and allows the mistreatment of women, gays, Jews and Christians, among other worrisome beliefs.

Again, Shariah is not adhered to stringently by all Muslims, but something that should cause pause. This is a fact, and not an emotional statement. It simply necessitates a thorough understanding of what is included in the ideology of refugees we are admitting.

And the fact that 100% of Islamic terrorists use Shariah Law as their grounds for jihad is another reason to consider an operational pause on the admission of Islamic Refugees from terrorist sponsoring nations and warring Islamic countries.

It is not practical for a program to seek to bring in thousands of refugees from non-Western nations while areas are free and open in Syria for these refugees to settle. This reality has been stated by Walid Phares, a foreign policy expert.

There are also countries like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, and Kuwait who have space but aren’t accepting these refugees who share a similar culture, and language. Economically, it is 1/12 the cost to care for the refugees in place or in closer proximity to their homeland instead of ripping them up out of their culture to bring them here. Bottom line, this program makes no sense, all day long.

If you think the issues of Islamic terrorism and a refugee resettlement program set to bring in hundreds of thousands of Islamic refugees won’t affect your children and grandchildren’s freedom and our Western Civilization, then go right on back to sleep.

But if you sense something is just not right in our country, then listen to those who stand and present facts. They certainly aren’t gaining monetarily, or enjoying widespread praise. The main motive is to wake up a populace who have been lulled to sleep by a media who spends more effort covering up the truth than disseminating it.

We simply are not prepared for what is coming down the road in the way of Islamic terrorism. I didn’t say it, FBI Director Comey said it. And until Americans start talking about these issues openly, and the media starts spreading facts instead of narratives we won’t be safe.

Maybe if the journalists applied the, “just the facts ma’am,” type of mentality citizens would make decisions about policies based on fact and not narrative. In addition, if the media continues being incompetent or irresponsible with the truth, they may just find themselves out of work in the near future because Americans can usually decipher truth from a lie. And once they realize the main-stream, left-leaning media has been lying to them, they will turn towards the truth.

James O’Keefe declares, “Content is king…truth spreads like wildfire.” I dare those journalists, especially the local media, to be adventurous and get off the path. They may just find their following and credibility increases in direct proportion to the truth they are willing to reveal and Americans will make smarter choices based on fact, not a faulty narrative.

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