It’s a small world and the internet has made it even smaller.

Less than two years after The Schilling Show tracked down wanted Virginia fugitive and convicted sex offender, Christopher J. Dumler in Cebu, Philippines, he reportedly has resurfaced in the United States.

Deputy community watchdogs on social media (see screenshots below) have provided information that Dumler—now abandoned by his wife, Toni Marie Despojo—is perusing breweries in York, Pennsylvania.

The wishing-to-remain-anonymous online contact advises that Dumler has been in Pennsylvania since approximately December 2 and has most recently visited Collusion Tap Works.

Under the pseudonyms of Taylor Hendricks,” “L. Taylor Hendricks III,” “Taylor Despojo,” or Chris Hendricks, Dumler has managed to avoid justice since fleeing America for the Philippines following his legal troubles in Virginia.

Still wanted by authorities in Orange County, Virginia, Dumler risks his livelihood by traveling semi-openly in the US. But “risk” has become a way of life for Chris Dumler—and brazenness, his hallmark.

If you have more information on the whereabouts or activities of Christopher J. Dumler, please contact The Schilling Show.

UPDATE 12/21/2016 7:25 PM: Christopher Dumler’s last known US location has been reported as 20744 Rt. 19, Cranberry Twp, PA 16066 (Windhaven Bar & Grille). See screenshot #4 below.



  1. Eww, sorry that slimebucket’s back in the country. Hey, why don’t you check with Dumler’s prominent, political buddies at the Albemarle County Democratic Party – All his old compatriots – Richard Brewwer, Dennis Rooker, Cynthia Neff, Tom Oliver – bet they know where Dumler is now.

    Maybe Dumler will come back here and run for Albemarle County Board of Supervisors, again on the Democrat ticket.

    Chris Dumler’s quite the local Democrat role model in depraved misogyny – Wes Bellamy only talked about it; while Dumler actually did violently rape women. Many victims unfortunately.

  2. Chris Dumler’s quite the local Democrat role model in depraved misogyny

    Hollow words. If you people actually objected to misogyny and sick, abusive sexual behavior, you’d never have voted for Trump.

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