Under the feeble tutelage of Mayor Michael Signer, Charlottesville City Council’s “matters by the public” has become a spectator sport. A weekly promenade of freaks, geeks, and racially hypersensitive dilettantes consumes the first portion of each Council meeting with foul language, obscene gestures, lugubrious life stories, and harsh direct criticism of their mayoral host.

Lately, though, another problem has plagued Signer: the geek squad has devised a way to game the Mayor’s “matters” lottery sign-up system.

Originally instituted by Signer to silence public dissidents—under the guise of greater inclusivity and efficiency—same-day, in-person signups for City Council speaking spots were banished in favor of an immediately unpopular lottery.

In spite of Mayor Signer’s self-adulation, the system has been an abject failure, with nary a public voice in support.

And for good reason.

At the July 17 City Council meeting, Signer smugly lauded himself and his council for having more than sixty speakers sign up for “matters by the public. What Signer missed—though patently obvious—was that his system has been co-opted.

Out of fifteen signed-up to speak, all were apparently ideologically aligned left; there were no dissenting voices from the right. And, of the fifteen speakers, eight of those “ceded” their time to an unquestionably preplanned alternate list of Marxist automatons.

In this way, Signer’s “matters by the public”—and the Mayor, himself—have been pwned. The overwhelming number of coordinated leftist speaker sign ups, and Signer’s refusal to halt the “ceding” epidemic, have robbed everyday Charlottesville citizens of ability to address their council overlords.

Until order is restored to the chambers—and a bonafide adult assumes the mayorship —Charlottesville City Council meetings will continue operation in retrograde.

And, mayor-in-waiting Kathy Galvin should immediately begin strategizing on how to best reinstate decorum, propriety, civility, and lawfulness to Signer’s debased, three-ring, Charlottesville City Council circus.

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