The July 8 Ku Klux Klan rally held in Charlottesville’s Jackson Park was costly in more ways than one.

While Charlottesville’s reputation as a genteel southern town was seriously damaged by the protester-related lawlessness that ensued, Albemarle County paid a steep price as well.

According to Albemarle Assistant County Executive, Lee Catlin, county taxpayers covered approximately $14,045 in salary and overtime costs for law enforcement staffing and assistance with Charlottesville’s public safety needs—before, during, and after the KKK event.

Due to a “mutual aid agreement” between the two jurisdictions, Albemarle County taxpayers are unlikely to be reimbursed by the City.

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  1. While Charlottesville’s reputation as a genteel southern town was seriously damaged

    Wishful thinking.

  2. Wow, Ken and I agree. Charlottesville has never been a “genteel southern town” during the majority of my life living in Albemarle. It was nothing more than a small town existing on the coattails of the University of Virginia and the name Thomas Jefferson. UVA students had zero respect for C’ville citizens. In return it was mutual when they received perks from retailers that local citizens were never given. It’s changed because so many students love the location and area that it has become a Berkeley wannabe run mostly by social activists. I understand supporting your city, but if you don’t see red flags with that city council and it’s mayor, your head is buried where the sun don’t shine.

    I’ve made my case and I rest. Fire away, maybe someone else will pick up the flag and carry on.

  3. Typical town and gown tension is what you’re describing, although I’ve never heard anyone complain about student discounts before. Not all students have trust funds, you know. They get discounts for the same reason senior citizens do.

    If the rowdies hurt the city’s reputation, how do you think that reputation will fare when the country sees Kessler’s crowd, Richard Spencer included? I’m not defending the antifas, whom I’ve criticized here before, but it’s sad that you guys are more disgusted by overreactions to racism than by racism itself. What kind of reputation do you think you deserve?

  4. You play the race card while supporting Bellamy as a member of the city council? The guy is nothing more than a BLM style black activist. Is Kessler his white counterpart? Bellamy was exposed by his own despicable words. Take the “he was young mantra from the left and stick it where the sun don’t shine. A white business owner stated an opinion that the NAACP was a racist organization only to be fired by UVA and having his business boycotted by the Bellamy led activists in C’ville. I don’t approve of Spencer or the KKK showing up here but where are you when BLM parades around the country when even their name was built on a bald faced lie. Nothing like an organization that prides itself for supporting a 6’4 300lb thug who got exactly what he deserved.

    EVERY organization that identifies itself by race or ethnicity is racist by definition racist. Only agenda driven tunnel vision fools can’t see that.

  5. What race card, and when did I say I support Bellamy? He should have resigned, or have been forced out if possible. That UVA professor said some stupid and ignorant things, but Bellamy had said things just as racist, and that should have made him humble. A man who’d been humbled by his own past racism would have been ashamed to humiliate someone else for his. I’m no fan of Bellamy’s.

    If, as you say, every organization that identifies itself by race or ethnicity is racist by definition racist, then Kessler with his goal of “affirm[ing] the right of Southerners and white people to organize for their interests” is racist. What are white people’s interests anyhow? I’m white, and I don’t share his “interests.” White people are not being “replaced.” We have way too much power for that.

    It’s unjust for a dominant group to band together and defend its “interests” against a weaker and historically oppressed one. It’s just for the weaker group to continue to fight for equal treatment and push back against the unsympathetic and resistant members of the dominant group. So while I don’t support all of BLM’s goals, I empathize with them. Go ahead and disagree with them over their assessments of American society, disagree with some of their goals, and criticize them for their excesses. But remember what they as a people have been through at our hands, and walk a mile in their shoes before you condemn them. Are most cops racist? No. Are there still racist cops? Of course.

    Nothing like an organization that prides itself for supporting a 6’4 300lb thug who got exactly what he deserved.

    One, he may have been trouble that night, but he was also still a kid. Would you insult a white kid with an epithet like that? Sorry, but your racism is showing. Two, before you condemn BLM for believing a lie, look at all the lies and half-truths your own side swallows and loves: Obama was born in Kenya, progressives are all godless, progressives are just Marxists, progressives want to crash the economy to hasten the establishment of communism here, progressives always fight dirty and conservatives never do. Not only leftists bit the whole rest of the country laugh at this stuff. Believing crazy things about your enemies is just a form of hatred.


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