United States Senator, Tim Kaine, has finally come around.

In the immediate aftermath of Charlottesville’s August 12 “Unite the Right” rally, Kaine was repeatedly critical of President Trump’s “unwillingness” to condemn “white supremacists.” And, the Senator publicly mocked the President’s statement attributing the violence to “many sides”:

“…when this white supremacist drives a car into a crowd of people killing Heather Heyer and injuring scores more and the president says, ‘There’s fine people on both sides,’ or, ‘There’s violence on both sides.”

“Why is he so confused and unclear and unwilling to call out the violent white supremacy that was on such gruesome display in my home state?”

Now, in response to a constituent letter, Mr. Kaine has finally and directly condemned Antifa, a component of Charlottesville’s other “side” (as referenced by Trump):

I condemn all violence at any political demonstration, including any violent activities by members of Antifa. The First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution protects our freedom of speech, press, assembly, petition, and religion, but it does not protect violence or intimidating others into forfeiting their rights. [emphasis added]

While accusing the President of suffering from “confusion,” Kaine himself seems confused, as he has recently denied Antifa’s role in Charlottesville’s violence. When queried by the Daily Caller as to why Antifa was not included in a Congressional resolution condemning “hate groups,” Kaine responded:

“Because that [Antifa] wasn’t really the issue in Charlottesville at all.”

Kaine’s conflicted ambivalence regarding Antifa may stem from the arrest of his son, Linwood “Woody” Kaine, following a March 4, 2017 rally in support of President Trump at the Minneapolis Capitol. “Woody” was part of a group of “political terrorists,” dressed in black and wearing masks—hallmarks of Antifa—who violently disrupted the event.

Known and admired by American socialists for his Marxist-inspired ideology, Kaine may take heat for calling-out Antifa by name. But in light of rapidly metastasizing anarcho-leftist political violence across the United States, political winds may have dictated his concession.



  1. I cannot even begin to describe Tim Kaine’s pedigree; political hack comes to mind. He exhibited his fecklessness during the presidential campaign of 2016. Comically, he merits nary a mention in Hillary Last-Name-du Jour’s paean to lack of accountability. I suppose, in the scheme of “What Happened”–in true form–Tim Kaine didn’t.

  2. Only with a gun to the head of his political future and party does he condemn the violent anarchists, a la Pelosi.

    Power-grubbing carpetbagger that you are Tim, you should not claim Virginia as your home state. You make a really poor Virginian.

  3. Some people get mad about neo-Nazis but have to be pushed to criticize antifa. Other people get mad about antifa and never say a word about neo-Nazis, except to pretend they were brought here by progressives.

  4. Ken, no need to beat around the bush. Who are these peole that get mad about antifa and never say a word about neo-nazis? I assume you are talking about Senator Kaine with the first vague statement?

  5. I wasn’t trying to be vague; I assumed everyone would know who I was talking about. Kaine was far too slow to condemn antifa violence. And the one and only time I’ve heard any criticisms of neo-Nazis on the show, the criticism was more or less, “why don’t they just leave us alone?”, not the moral outrage routinely expressed towards not just antifa, but towards any liberal position and any liberal not being interviewed that very moment. I recommend the following article by Alan Jacobs in Christianity Today: Hating Your Neighbor Will Make You Dumb

  6. You’re losing it Ken. Shilling is a lone voice in the wilderness in Charlottesville. What do you think about a group of black lawyers claiming the man photographed with a lighter and a paint spray can using it as a makeshift flamethrower is a victim? The hypocrisy of the left is sickening when they pander to their extremist and murderers then act like a couple of few hundred right wing extremist hell bent on violence and striking back show and perform what has been going on Ferguson and other cities for decades. I’ll ask you a simple question. Do all those white mostly highly educated liberals protesting white supremacy and privilege believe they are not benefactors of the very thing they are protesting? They are the f**king epitome of privilege. They march through the streets with their signs and bullhorns chanting their childish slogans then retreat back into their academic safe space bubbles. “Hi Hi Ho Ho White Privilege has to go” seems to be the best some of UVA’s brightest can achieve. I would not be caught on camera at a conservative rally resorting to such a display of high school crap.

    It will surely get worse before it gets better. We are on a destructive path similar to the civil war led by loud mouthed radicals, pandering politicians, and maybe most important the media. I will add minus the actual war. However it doesn’t take much to set portions of a city on fire and virtually everyone of those cities has been under complete democratic control for decades. A lot of soul searching needs to done in this country. To quote Wes Bellamy, “take your hat and your compromise wich you”. This is from someone only a few years separated from some of the vilest tweets imaginable for a politician still in office. We are screwed.

  7. Who did the Left murder on August 12, and what murderers do they supposedly pander to? Everyone knows who did the murdering and the beating here. Instead of condemning them, you try to change the subject.

  8. On August 13 Jonathan Haidt, social psychologist, former UVA progessor, and author of “The Righteous Mind: Why Good People Are Divided by Politics and Religion‏,” tweeted:

    I love Charlottesville, and am so proud of the way my friends and former neighbors faced down racism, antisemitism, & violence this weekend.

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