On the heels of Charlottesville’s violent, August 12 White Nationalist rally, a local church is hosting a notorious purveyor of anti-semitic, anti-white rhetoric.

Mt. Zion First African Baptist Church is slated to host a “support rally town hall” for those “who were victimized on 8/12/2017.” The September 27 event will be led by attorney Malik Zulu Shabazz, founder and president of Black Lawyers for Justice.

A follow-up “news conference” featuring “victims of Neo Nazi violent attacks and City of Charlottesville’s Negligence and deliberate indifference” is scheduled for September 28 at Charlottesville’s Lee Park.

Scant local attention has been given to the event, specifically Shabazz’s racist statements against “Jews” and “whites.”

The ideologically far-left Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has included Malik Zulu Shabazz in its “Extremist Files,” referring to the attorney as “a racist black nationalist with a long, well-documented history of violently anti-Semitic remarks and accusations about the inherent evil of white people.”

Mr. Shabazz previously was affiliated with Louis Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam, of whom the SPLC says: “Its theology of innate black superiority over whites and the deeply racist, anti-Semitic and anti-gay rhetoric of its leaders have earned the NOI a prominent position in the ranks of organized hate.”

He later helmed the New Black Panther Party, which the SPLC calls “a virulently racist and anti-Semitic organization whose leaders have encouraged violence against whites, Jews and law enforcement officers.”

In a 2016 essay for the Jerusalem Post, revered American civil liberties attorney, Alan Dershowitz, identified Mr. Shabazz as an “advocate for genocide against Jewish ‘babies’ and ‘old ladies’.” Dershowitz was referring to a 2002 Shabazz speech protesting B’nai B’rith International, during which Shabazz stated:

“Kill every goddamn Zionist in Israel! Goddamn little babies, goddamn old ladies! Blow up Zionist supermarkets!”

In the same article, Dershowitz criticized political activist Cornel West for his support of Malik Shabazz:

Yet Cornel West, in recently introducing this despicable bigot [Shabazz] at a “March of the Oppressed” rally in Cleveland, praised him as “my dear brother” who he has known for 20 years and who “is still on the battlefield.” He compared this rancid anti-Semite to the great Martin Luther King Jr. He asked the crowd to applaud for Shabazz, which they did. He then hugged him. You can view West’s speech at #MASSIVE rally and March in #CLE #BlackLives- Matter on YouTube.

West’s endorsement of Shabazz is comparable to a white professor introducing the grand wizard of the Ku Klux Klan with such effusive praise. Despite West’s close association with and support for this advocate of genocide against Jewish babies, West was appointed to the Democratic Party Platform Committee by Bernie Sanders. He also remains a founding member of Tikkun magazine’s Network of Spiritual Progressives under the leadership of Rabbi Michael Lerner. For shame!

Coincidentally, Cornel West was present for and participated in Charlottesville’s August 12 events, in conjunction with the Charlottesville Clergy Collective, the “brainchild” of Dr. Alvin Edwards.” Edwards is the former Mayor of Charlottesville and is Pastor of Mt. Zion First African Baptist Church, which will be presenting Shabazz this evening.

In a recent communique, social justice activist group, Solidarity Cville, expressed support for Charlottesville High School “student activists of color” in their condemnation of, among other things, anti-semitism:

We support the call to action from Charlottesville High School student activists of color:

● To build a city where people feel safe

● To not just change policy but also shift culture

● To support youth in addressing white supremacy, patriarchy, and capitalism

● To build a space for people to feel safe in addressing systems that are here to kill us all

Hateful groups tried to use our home, Charlottesville, to further their racist/ sexist/ homophobic/ Islamophobic/ anti-Semitic agenda. Now, as a community, we need to reckon with what that means. We will take the momentum built — in this moment of mobilization, this strength of solidarity, this righteous outrage — to end racial oppression and make reparations, in Charlottesville and across America. [emphasis added]

As of publication, no member(s) of Charlottesville City Council, no social justice / racial activist group (including Solidarity Cville), no pro-Jewish / pro-Israel group has publicly condemned Malik Zulu Shabazz’s scheduled Charlottesville appearances.

The silence is deafening.

UPDATE 9/29/2017: Following the publication of this story, Dr. Edwards, upon learning more about Malik Shabazz, cancelled the event at Mt. Zion. Shabazz did hold his originally scheduled news conference, Thursday, in Emancipation Park.



  1. Where did Slick Rick Turner go? I read the most precious article about him in HuffPost. A real crusader for social equality, dontcha know. I didn’t know he was from Hartford; he sure did wonders for that city, eh?

    BTW, extremism does indeed beget extremism. Hopefully, we will learn this and not witness any more looting, burning and destruction of innocent properties as the result of riots from malcontents in cities across America. Perhaps the white supremacists were responding to such extremism as Ferguson, Baltimore, and disparaging statements from so-called leaders concerning “Bible- and gun-clinging Americans” and “deplorables.” Sad that Edwards continues to topple the dominoes; he may be just poorly educated on these issues.

  2. Extremism begets extremism eh. So you are agreeing with Trump that this issue is not one sided. I find it pathetic that at least 95% of the slanted articles I have seen regarding 8/12 and Trump’s initial reaction come from knee jerk agenda driven media outlets that are completely ignorant of the buildup that brought a group of vengeful fringe haters from outside Charlottesville. That’s no surprise considering Charlottesville fascist organizations hell bent on silencing all forms of objection to their social views had previously employed the tactic. I despise bullies that whine and cry like babies when their own tactics are employed against them. I also despise the tactics regardless of who uses them.

  3. Trump can’t even agree with himself for a half an hour. Remember what else Trump said: “You have people who are very fine people on both sides.” Very fine neo-Nazis. I presume you don’t agree.

  4. Of course I don’t agree that everyone there to protest removal of the statues was a Neo Nazi. I have read a few accounts of people that showed up to simply protest, not march on the university or engage in violence. Remember, the counter protesters vastly outnumbered those on the right overall. It’s the left that insists on assigning 100% of the blame to Neo Nazis and white supremacist. It’s the bread and butter goto tactic that has been used by Democrats for as long as I paid attention to politics. Seize the moral high ground and use hateful divisive labels to attack those that disagree with you. “White Privilege” is the latest fashion label along with “white supremacist”. It’s no surprise that many of those protesting against those two made up offenses are fine examples themselves of the very things they are protesting. Try and convince me that white yuppies on a free ride thru UVA aren’t perfect examples of “white privilege”. They are self righteous ignorant brats caught up in the group think of the moment. I assume you recall the “Slut Walk” organized by UVA faculty in response to ‘Jackie’s’ infamous gang rape delusional lie swallowed hook, line, and sinker by everyone all the way up to Teresa Sullivan? They are rebels without a clue looking for a social wrong to right.

    I see that Mr Edwards has finally realized who he invited into Charlottesville. He now claims to have been unaware of who Shabazz even is. Seems to me that someone this unaware should refrain from accepting a leadership role that includes inviting outsiders into the conflict. Look what happened to Kessler when he made the same mistake.

  5. I find it very hard to believe good people would protest alongside neo-Nazis and avowed white supremacists. What would you say if I claimed to have protested with antifa but only because I wanted to the statues to stay? In fact I stayed away from the August 12 counter-protest because the peaceful protest I was a part of on July 8 was drowned out by antifa. But everyone knew who was coming on August 12.

    As for the moral high ground, populists and conservatives constantly claim it over abortion, marriage and sexuality, the flag, taxes, prayer in the schools and religion in public life, and welfare and health care – these are all rightly moral issues for both sides. Both sides, unfortunately, demonize each other.

    Edwards and Kessler were in completely different situations. Edwards was only told that a group of black lawyers wanted to meet at the church. Should he have to investigate every group that asks to use his church for possible racism? He did the right thing when he found out more. Kessler, for his part, didn’t make a “mistake”; he knew exactly what he was doing. He didn’t agree to let certain people come and only after the fact find out they were evil – he invited them knowing exactly what they believed. He even spoke at Spencer’s earlier rally. He is indirectly responsible for the deaths of three people.

    You can argue with the terms “white privilege” (which is decades old) and “white supremacy,” and you can criticize callow UVA students, but racism is no “made up” fact.

  6. Well, if you had a church in a city wracked with racism and violence and–immediately after a horrific incident and during a racially-charged period–a “group of black lawyers” came by and said “Hey, former mayor, I hear you have a church in Charlottesville. Do you mind if we bring a bunch of black lawyers–many of whom are not even from your town–to use your church for a public event?”
    Edwards: “Oh sure! We live in a vacuum. I know nothing. Shabazz? Isn’t that a line from the theme song to ‘Laverne and Shirley'”?

    Ken, are you really that disingenuous to try and have us believe Edwards would not have vetted a group prior to the event? That he knows nothing of Shabazz?

    That is the problem. You try and make salient points and then bring us back to reality with such silliness.

    It is what it is: Edwards got heat and cancelled the event.

    By the way, the hypocrisy is evident: “Outsiders” like Shabazz are welcomed the spew their racist hatred, but the ever-so-tolerant folks screamed “You’re not wanted in OUR town” after the August 12th debacle.

  7. I thought there was little racism in Charlottesville, and it was just a peaceful town until Bellamy got going? Isn’t that the Right wing line?

    Anyhow, I find Edwards’ explanation believable for two reasons. One, it’s not like Shabazz and his ilk are prominent nowadays, although I wonder if they might become so again. So I see no reason for Edwards to be suspicious of a group of black lawyers wanting to meet with local black lawyers ((not hold an event), or that he would even necessarily know his name – because, point number two, he’s nothing like Shabazz, he doesn’t traffic in that rhetoric. He’s been around so long that if he did, that would be well known. So he wouldn’t welcome Shabazz to his church if he knew what Shabazz was about.

    Finally, who on the Left here welcomed Shabzz? If someone did, it’s not my job to defend them. I’m a moderate.

  8. You may be a moderate Ken, but not in this debate. You are here to defend the left wing radicals in Charlottesville who share as much blame for those 3 deaths that you claim are indirectly on Kessler. They are equally indirectly on the Charlottesville City Council. I would single out Bellamy, Szakos, and Signer as the 3 instigators that bought the KKK, Neo Nazis, and so called white supremacist that showed up here with nary a mention of a goldmine of imported activism ready and willing at UVA. At least Sullivan will soon be gone. Too bad the 3 stooges on the city council will stick around with the exception of Szakos. Her and her activist husband will continue to stir the pot tho, that we can count on.

  9. You choose, Ken, to buy into Edwards’s supposed “ignorance” of the situation. Look, if one is in tune with a certain subject, for example, racism and social injustice–and Edwards purports (and has purported) to be, then one damn well should know the name Shabazz.

    Additionally, if you are in a racially-charged period, and you are an outspoken social justice warrior who uses your pulpit to spew a message, and a group of black lawyers comes out of nowhere and asks to use your church, are you trying to posit that the social justice warrior just carte blanche attaches his organization’s name to those radical speakers?

    Therefore, I choose to believe Edwards knew exactly what he was doing. In essence, by disinviting Shabazz, he was “scrubbing his server” (to reference that expert in ballistics and armaments, Hillary Rodham Clinton).

    However, if that is your belief re: Edwards, perhaps you should give Kessler the same benefit of the doubt concerning the appearance of the KKK and others at his legal and properly-permitted protest on August 12th. He cannot possibly know every racist and white supremacist who comes waltzing into town, can he?

    As for racism in Charlottesville, this town is the city of “isms.” There has been classism, racism, sexism going on for years from both sides of the aisle. Gosh, I remember Jesse Matthew killing two white women a couple of years back; and I remember that alleged attack against the AA student council presidential candidate who then walked into the presidency unopposed and received a plum job courtesy of that renowned social justice warrior Rick Turner.

    The racism in Cville does not have its genesis in the streets of Vinegar Hill or Fifeville. The racism–as with other -isms in Cville– is driven by the tail that wags the dog of Cville: UVa. This is well known among applicants and students who research the university prior to applying. It is palpable on grounds. As with many liberal institutions, UVa has a strong PR and money trail that cocoons it from local scrutiny. Why do you think NBC 29 runs constant stories on cake sales, SPCA fund drives and other hard-hitting news? Is there nothing of consequence to report in this town?

    Now, speaking of “isms,” do you wonder why the Board of Visitors decided to pay a UVa good old boy $750k+ per year to be president when the previous president–who is a woman–was paid just over $500k? I wonder if the crack activists in town will pursue those connections.

  10. Forbes, do you always know everything you “should” know? I see no attempt at fairness in your assessment and characterization. The verb you choose for Edwards’ speaking out for social justice is “spewing.” Let’s be blunt: you don’t have to agree with him in all the particulars, but a lack of sympathy for social justice is racist. Speaking of which, you’re absolutely correct that The racism in Cville does not have its genesis in the streets of Vinegar Hill or Fifeville. It’s genesis was in the white part of town.

    You also write that Edwards attached his name to those speakers. Where and how? In fact, Edwards told the Progress that “the application to use the church was incomplete and had not been approved.” In regards to Kessler, read my October 1 reply to Al. Defending that guy is just plain stupid. I have no interest in defending UVA or other things I haven’t commended but you would prefer to pretend I have and talk about instead.

  11. Al, please explain to me why you think peaceful actors are responsible for violence. That’s like saying that someone who does something wrong (from your point of view) deserves physical violence in return, and that said violence was inevitable. Even in regards to the violent actors, whose idea was the rally, the neo-Nazis or antifa? I don’t defend antifa’s violence, but they were right to oppose racism, and they didn’t run anyone down with a car.

  12. Well, Ken, since you believe what you read in the press, how do you explain that the Shabazz rally at the church was cancelled “just hours before it was set to begin”? Did Edwards not look at the application until a few hours before Shabazz was set to show up? Really?

    And a man who is active in fighting against oppression does not know who Shabazz is and does not bother to look at who is using HIS church on the heels of a groundbreaking incident in the city?

    As for “spewing,” perhaps you should look it up. The verb is apropos for both Edwards and the social justice “warriors” who decided that Charlottesville would be a great place to set up shop to benefit from the culture of victimization.

    By the way, can anyone define “social justice” for me?

  13. What’s your own theory, Daniel, that Edwards thought he could host a meeting of anti-semites and the word wouldn’t get out? Get real. Listen to the podcast of hi’ appearance on the show. He had approved a meeting of black lawyers – entirely appropriate after August 12, or any other time for that matter – and when it became clear that something else entirely was to take place, he canceled it. Edwards is a fine and admirable man. I’m sorry you have no empathy for African-Americans who want justice. I’m sorry you guys think you’re the real victims.

  14. I am sad, sad that our fine city has become the epicenter of the statues debate. I am sad that our city leaders chose to lead us down this path which will taint our city for many years to come. I am sad that they did not have the foresight to know what would become of their efforts. I am sad that once this issue became so contentious our city leaders went all in instead of backing away. I am sad that resources were squandered on this issue that could have been used for other priorities, education, safety, and affordable housing. I am sad that we will not hold these fools accountable come election time and that the madness our elected officials set forth will continue. I am sad!

  15. I almost 100% certain that the pastor of Mt. Zion Church said, once he understood who certain people were this would never take place in his church. He also said only truth would be spoken from his pulpit. Ask Jay James, he was at the same worship service I was when Mount Zion pastor said this.

  16. There is a whole lot of sadness and outrage on this blog in response to what the city leaders did, and none at what the nasties on your side of the issue did. Funny how the city is excoriated for a peaceful action, antifa is (rightly) excoriated for its violence, an esteemed pastor is excoriated despite actually disinviting trouble makers, but the folks who killed one person, put another in the hospital, and forced city schools to go on lockdown today by threatening a massacre are never referred to. If Bellamy, Szakos, and Signer are responsible for neo-Nazis coming here, you guys must be responsible for antifa. Such blameshifting. Such a double standard.

  17. LoL at your whining about the double standard here. I’m sure you have no problem with the nation wide double standard that blames ALL of the violence on the 200 – 400 extremists that showed up here on 8/12. All we hear on the media is outrage that a few hundred racists from the outside could showed up in pure and clean Charlottesville VA. Not one word is spoken about the racist vice mayor currently serving on the city council. The man outed himself a mere 3 – 4 years ago via his own vile tweets. Meanwhile we have careers being destroyed over 30 year old allegations of sexual harassment that are completely unproven. Yet somehow Bellamy is forgiven for his transgressions. There’s YOUR double standard Ken. You show me one post here that defends White Supremacists or Neo Nazis in this or any other thread on this subject.

  18. Robert, very well put. I suspect you know the answer to the situation you are lamenting but I will offer a short answer that I believe to be accurate. For whatever reason, the Charlottesville city council draws activists with an agenda as candidates versus pragmatic leaders that can run a city government. Shrill activists draw votes plain and simple. They pretend to understand and represent the oppressed. Vote for me they say and I will address your issues. To make it even more obvious, look at the triangle of power that controls the current city council. All three of these people are transplants that saw Charlottesville as a great place to ply their trade.

  19. What’s your argument, Al, that Kessler had to invite Spencer and company, and that they had to show up, because of Bellamy’s racist tweets? In any case, I have never defended Bellamy for his tweets or his intention to move the statue despite what the commission reported was the will of the people. On the other hand, he has apologized. I accept his apology in that I choose to believe until shown otherwise that he no longer holds his former racist and sexist views, just like I may choose to believe a thief that he is sorry for his theft. But that doesn’t mean the thief should go to prison, or that Bellamy shouldn’t be relieved of his public responsibilities (as he was in 2 of 3 places). You guys, on the other hand, howl at Bellamy for racism and sexism he has apologized for, while standing by Trump.

    Show me one person here who would dare to defend white supremacists. But I’m not accusing you guys of being supremacists; I’m accusing you of lacking basic empathy for your fellow (African-American) human beings. You’re all about your “rights,” never about their feelings. I’m also accusing you of intellectual dishonesty – of lying to yourselves – for holding onto the ridiculous myth of the noble Lost Cause. Do you have the same views as 50s segregationists? No. Are you their spiritual heirs? Yes.

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