Presumed incoming Charlottesville Police Chief, Dr. RaShall Brackney must have friends in high places. A Daily Progress story headline regarding allegations in Brackney’s past has morphed from critical to positive!

Posted Sunday, the original online headline read:

“Police chief pick has history of allegations against her”

A revised headline now says:

“Several allegations against Charlottesville police chief pick were deemed unfounded”

The story on Dr. Brackney does not appear to have been edited outside of the headline revision.

See screen shots below.

Original headline:


Edited headline:



  1. This selection came as no surprise. She is the classic candidate who would “wow” the feckless minions in city government, from the inept city manager to the ideologues on council. It amazes me to hear the folks castigating the CPD as full of problems, in need of a complete workover in attitude, etc., just two short years after a chief on the job for well over a decade did–by accounts on his departure–a stellar job.

    If you have any confidence in this silly city government and its ability to select a competent police chief, you are delusional. Due to her gender, pigment and letters after her name, she will be the darling of this council…as long as she stays in line.

  2. The DP must have felt some heat. It published a glowing opinion of support for the new chief in Sunday’s paper IIRC. Let’s be honest here. All she has to do is appease the many leftist organizations in town and keep the blue elephant known as UVA happy. I feel sorry for the CPD officers that are always one incident or complaint away from looking up at the undercarriage of a bus.

    That said, maybe she will do an outstanding job. Like Forbes, my negativity has as much to do with the city government as it does this lady.

  3. Don’t worry Al. I look at WVIR’s website to assuage any negativity. Everything is hunky-dory in the Channel 29 land of unicorns!

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