Longtime Virginia Republican Delegate Steve Landes (VA-25) is planning a secret, last minute retirement announcement this week.

Landes’ surprise follows a parallel disclosure from Augusta County Circuit Court Clerk, Carol M. Brydge, who in February announced her resignation, effective April 1, 2019.

Delegate Landes confirmed he is “considering” the opportunity, and thus is an expected candidate for Brydge’s seat—a comfortable, non-controversial, and well paying civil service job—to be filled in an upcoming, date-to-be-determined special election.

Meanwhile, sources tell The Schilling Show that a covert scheme has been hatched in the 25th District, wherein hand-picked Landes replacement, Augusta County Supervisor, Marshall W. Pattie, will file for the open seat right at deadline.

On February 25, the 25th House of Delegates Legislative District Republican Committee issued an Official Call for a Party Canvass, to be held on April 27, with a filing deadline of 5:00 PM on March 6.

Local Republicans have long been wary of Pattie, reportedly a 2009-2011 chair of the Augusta County Democrats, a campaign organizer for the 2012 reelection of Barack Obama, and a 2010 fundraiser for then 5th District Congressman, Tom Perriello (a paid emissary of George Soros).

Supervisor Pattie did not respond to an inquiry regarding his interest in Landes’ seat.

While Landes’ retirement plans and Pattie’s interest in the 25th District seat are largely unknown outside of a small group of insiders, the resignation timing and tight filing deadline appear coordinated to limit the applicant pool…to one.


  1. The details of this little drama raises a dark shadow of suspicion on the integrity of Del. Steve Landes (R)who may have been a RINO the whole time.
    There are so many RINOs in govt the republicans might be well served to find another name for their party.

  2. Actually, Tim, as David Brooks, Michael Gerson, Pete Wehner and many other Republicans would tell you, it’s you guys who have departed from party orthodoxy. Look up “Rockefeller Republican” – the Republican Party has long had a moderate wing, but even Reagan would have deplored the mean-spirited, know-nothing, unprincipled Trump devotees who’ve taken over today.

  3. In ‘08, I believe it was, Pattie approached the 6th district Dems to run against Goodlatte. He bailed when he realized they couldn’t bankroll his campaign. Later he manipulated his way into becoming Dem chair in Augusta. Eventually bailed on that too. Lacks any discernible moral compass other than promoting himself.

  4. Sounds like Landes (and Bragg) are going for the big retirement payout, not a career in the courts.

  5. Oh, “party orthodoxy” is now the gospel? We must bow to Mitch, Paul, Pete and whatever remains of the Bush clan (low-energy Jeb, you awake over there in the corner?). Well let me go get my 1988 “I Voted” sticker from my Members Only jacket. I think we all know why so many career GOP hacks oppose and castigate Trump. As for the epithets Ken hurls at Trump devotees, I cannot think of a more mean-spirited bunch of people than whining (Fill in Apropos Name of Dem Pol) acolytes. And your hurling of derogatory adjectives for Trumpers certainly speaks to your mean-spiritedness.

    I cannot think of more know-nothing sycophants than the modern-public-education products of the 20 to 35 y.o. group (heck, even ACO could get elected in 2018!…now, that is a know-nothing). And as for unprincipled, if it were one of your beloved Dems in office, you would be calling his lack of principles “evolving with the times.” I cannot think of more unprincipled statements than: “The Constitution is a living, breathing document” or “I am sorry for appearing in black face” b/w “I looked at the picture and don’t think it was me.”
    “That bit*h should shut her mouth” speaks to sound principles as well. How about a private jet flight to appear in li’l old Buckingham County by the man-who-would-be-windmill-king Al Gore? Real principled. How about clinging onto a critical job–to the detriment of the Judicial Branch– whilst you cannot barely function…all because of your hatred for the president? I like those principles.

    Spread the love, girls and boys.

  6. Except for the argument that the Constitution is a living, breathing document, an argument which deserves to be considered seriously whether you agree with it or not (and want to agree with it or not), I haven’t defended any of that stuff, Forbes. Nor did I say a thing about just going along with the neo-cons, of course. Tim is just wrong on the facts, that’s all – indisputably so, which is why you haven’t actually disputed them.

    But AOC graduated cum laude from Boston University’s College of Arts and Sciences with a major in international relations and economics. Read her bio. Not in a million years is she fairly characterized as a former bartender, and you – and I – are going to have to deal with her for a long, long time.

    As for my own “hurled” – actually they were tastefully typed, ahem – “epithets,” which ones could you honestly say don’t apply? Not mean-spirited – you guys are really kindhearted, meek and mild, love-your-enemies kinda folks? Not know-nothing – alright, some of you are educated, but you acknowledge inconvenient facts no better than your opponents. You pretend ignorance. Your politics are functionally ignorant half the time. Unprincipled? Go ahead, try to argue that anyone who loves the Constitution and the norms of the American system of government, that anyone who believes that character matters in government, that anyone who hates corruption – that any true patriot, in other words – could not detest Donald Trump. I would really like to read that argument. In two years, I haven’t seen it yet.

  7. You can be assured Ken that I despise your open border, race card baiting, “illegal immigrants are more American than America’s own citizens” new young Che Guevara loving revolutionaries people like you are electing to represent them as much and probably more than you hate Trump. You remind me of a narcissist career screw up who always has his or her deflection ducks in a row in order to shift blame to defend their actions or in this case opinions. I don’t presume to know anything about any poster on this board yet you have the gall to assume they need to pony up reparations to pay back all the perks they have received because they were “born white, supreme, and privileged”.
    Don your red beret and carry on. This is my last tango with you.

  8. Al, before you go – and if you’re just going to fantasize you might as well go – did you swipe my beret? I can’t find it anywhere!

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