Dr. Charles Battig brings grass-roots level climate-related educational efforts to the to the Albemarle County Board of Supervisors at their twice-monthly meetings via a continuing series of three-minute Power Point presentations.

He holds a M.D. degree and a M.S. in Electrical Engineering, and has been an active voice in examining the science behind various political and pseudoscience claims made regarding climate related issues since 2007.

In this February 5, 2020 Powerpoint presentation before the Albemarle Board of Supervisors, Dr. Battig presents hard scientific evidence that there is no climate crisis, and that there is no scientific evidence to justify intrusive  political action which attempts to solve a non-existent problem. 

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Dr. Charles Battig is a Heartland Institute policy expert on environment, and was a speaker at the Heartland Tenth International Conference on Climate Change, June 2015, as well as at the Seventh International Conference on Climate Change, Chicago, Illinois 2012, and at the 2014 Doctors for Disaster Preparedness in Knoxville July 2014. Dr. Battig is a member of the CO2Coalition. He maintains a website of his various publications dating back to 2010: http://www.climateis.com


  1. It’s the same with all the supposed racism that’s running rampant in the city. Racism perceived is racism achieved. Climate crisis perceived is climate crisis achieved. Don’t be fooled. There are never any facts to support either one.

  2. So, an elitist doctor is going to, in 3 minutes, disprove the educated research of generations of scientists and disprove the experience of real people being affected my climate changes today. Thank God this once in a generation mind had the time and energy to debunk these fringe leftist eco-apologists. If he’d only had two minutes, I’d have not been completely convinced. But with three whole minutes, I now have the red pill cliff notes necessary to destroy these woke toddlers and their self-important goals of stripping us of our God given economic imperative to extract, burn, deforest, frack, burrow, backfill, pollute, and belch whatever we need to.


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