One of dozens similar posted at Albemarle County’s Monticello High School.

A government education system run almost exclusively by Democrats and Socialists is condemned by Democrats and Socialists within.

These should be the loudest voices for school choice; instead they protect and promote the government schools status quo.



  1. Do you ever stop riling up your base over nothing? Would you like teachers to censor student projects? Our teachers support student investigation and independent thought. That’s what public education is about. It’s pretty sad that your idea of investigative journalism is getting your friends to take pics of posters in schools and then making them seem menacing. Is this the Red Scare all over again?

  2. Can anyone cite research showing that dark skin color is _not_ correlated with longer prison sentences? Have either of you, Rob and Gary, even looked at the literature? Obviously not. Why bother looking, why bother finding actual facts? You already know what you want to believe.

  3. Ken, can you show proof that dark skin people do not commit a disproportionate percentage of felony crimes? FBI and other databases show plenty of proof that they do commit more felony crimes. Look at the murders in Charlottesville alone and tell me which community suffers the most from these crimes. It’s disingenuous to look at the sentencing aspect without taking into account who is engaged in criminal activity.

  4. Madeline, yeah teachers support student investigation and independent though fairly and equally across all viewpoints much like colleges and universities. Sure they do, when pigs fly. You have no problems when those you agree with rile people up while having a hissy fit when those with different opinions or perspective disagree or make controversial statements. The problem as I see it is that one side is encouraged toward activism while the other is not or they are alienated if they do so.

  5. Al, what the stats show is that young black men, for obvious and understandable reasons, commit a relatively high proportion of the country’s violent crimes. While working for their sake and ours to change that sad statistic, the rest of us should also be bothered by the fact that African-Americans on average also receive higher sentences for those and other crimes than whites do. One reason for that discrepancy is surely racism plain and simple. Another is that money talks, and they often can’t afford lawyers.

  6. Here’s a novel idea Ken. Rather than concentrating on race, why do we look at it from an economic perspective. I agree 100% that wealth is a huge factor. However I speculate that term lengths will correlate with financial status more than race. You realize that lawyers are liberal by a significant margin do you not? I don’t know about prosecutors but defense attorneys I’m sure are.
    The criminal justice system is a mess but it has to deal with a mess that everyone turns a blind eye which is income level. When I see a study that compares the crime, the perp’s race, and their income level, I will trust it. For every link I find in Goggle that addresses the subject, eight or nine jump straight to race. The solution is simple, quality employment and education.

  7. There can’t be a panacea when disagreements and transgressions tend to be perceived as racism. We will take a giant step forward when we stop assuming that conflicts between members of different races are not based or racism. Racism will always exist. People hate each other as a group for many reasons. Where you live and how you speak are enough if the circumstances are right.

  8. correction: We will take a giant step forward when we stop automatically assuming that conflicts between members of different races are based on racism

  9. I agree that racism is too often blamed, or blamed alone, when other factors should be. But we whites also need to be understanding about that. How would we react if the minority’s history were ours?

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