Dr. Charles Battig brings grass-roots level climate-related educational efforts to the to the Albemarle County Board of Supervisors at their twice-monthly meetings via a continuing series of three-minute Power Point presentations.

He holds a M.D. degree and a M.S. in Electrical Engineering, and has been an active voice in examining the science behind various political and pseudoscience claims made regarding climate related issues since 2007.

The Albemarle County BOS was lobbied by an activist environmental group at a recent public meeting to re-affirm the county’s support for the Paris Climate Accord. “We are still in” is the motto promoted for sending a letter of such support to the Virginia legislature. What compelling reason was offered to justify this action?…nothing better than the claim that the county would be following the similar actions of countless other political entities. Not one bit of scientific justification was given, just follow the crowd in lemming-like blind consensus. On February 19, Dr. Battig presented, within the three minute time frame,  scientific facts disputing the claims of a  fanciful perpetual “climate emergency.”


  1. I’m not ready to declare that climate change is a myth. It’s happening, deal with it. It’s the current way we are dealing with it that aggravates me. The concept that we should take draconian steps to combat manmade pollution “just in case” the alarmist are right. I find it to be counter intuitive plus it automatically pisses people off to tell them they must make drastic changes to their lifestyle minus solid proof that it is mandatory that they do so. Broadcasting bullsh!t statements such as the 97% consensus talking point leads to distrust and complete lack of reasonable dialog. Simply put, I believe we need to clean up our air and waterways. However we should apply common sense use of technology to do so in a way that does not disrupt our lives. I refuse to discuss renewable energy without including nuclear in the conversation.

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