Sad but true…a local homeless encampment on the porch of the Charlottesville Sheriff and Charlottesville Circuit Court Clerk shared offices at 614 E. High Street.

An eyewitness report alleges this area has been “occupied” for at least two days.


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  1. I think this should be acceptable, we have many city and county public buildings in the area that should be allowed to be used for homeless encampments. This is a much better solution than having them on private or retail public spaces.

    If we choose to have laws and legislation that promotes Charlottesville as a destination for the homeless we should park them at the doorsteps of those that legislate their need for an open air existence.

  2. How about if we choose laws and legislation that promote Charlottesville as a Christian community where we first show the homeless the same love, understanding, compassion and mercy God shows us, and worry about what this will cost us second?

  3. Ken, I hope you are firmly safety strapped into that moral high tower you like to lecture the deplorable masses from. You sir are taking virtue signaling to new soaring heights.

  4. Shoot the messenger, Al. But if I was so virtuous, why would I too need mercy and understanding? We’re all deplorables in need of mercy.

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