Drs. Dan Erickson and Artin Massihi host a controversial press conference undermining the mainstream media COVID-19 narrative, originally aired by KERO TV in Bakersfield, California on April 22.

The posted YouTube video of this event received 5 million+ views before its removal.

Here, for your viewing:

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  1. These guys are pushing dangerous false information for their own personal gain. YouTube was right to take it down.

  2. @Jason, what/where specifically did they push dangerous false info? Min:sec and facts to refute please. Thank you

  3. Leave them alone and let them speak…there is nothing there for their own personal gain. They are also doctors and have their opinions..let people make up their own minds

  4. Removing this is removing free speech and is the precursor of Socialism. Or if you’d rather Communism. We are being denied our Constitutional rights and our freedoms are being stripped. Start demanding the end of this silencing!

  5. Still waiting to hear a response from Jason.
    I stand for Dr. Erickson’s right to speak.
    I also stand for yours, Jason, but you have not fully spoken.
    You have done nothing to prove your point.

  6. The principle of free speech is that you are free to speak, not that You Tube or any other group or person has a legal or ethical obligation to give you a microphone. What You Tube does have is a moral obligation not to enable highly dangerous speech, which they apparently deemed this to be.

    Basic facts, basic logic.

  7. No need for Jason to speak. The conservative website The Dispatch debunks the notion that there was anything political about the video’s removal.

    Was the content removed simply because it was touted by Donald Trump? The company acknowledges in both the written and video content itself that it is not FDA-approved and is not “indicated for treatment of COVID-19.” YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki said in an interview that the platform would remove any “medically unsubstantiated” videos about coronavirus and Twitter leadership has similarly announced it will remove anything that “goes directly against guidance from authoritative sources of global and local public health information.” While there is an ongoing debate about whether those guidelines are the right ones, Healight meets the stated criteria for removal from both websites.


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