Dr. Li-Meng Yan, MD; PhD, virologist, and independent COVID expert describes the Chinese Communist Party’s lab-creation, SARS Co-V2, and its subsequent release on the world as an “unrestricted bioweapon”—target America.

In this exclusive interview with Schilling Show Unleashed Podcast host, Rob Schilling, Dr. Yan shares the harrowing story and dispels the “lab leak” and “naturally occurring virus” myths. 

Dr. Yan has released three extensive scientific reports documenting her assertions, available here, here, and here.

For additional information, follow Dr. Li-Meng Yan on Twitter.

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6/3/2022 UPDATE: Video removed by YouTube for “violation” of terms. Replaced with BitChute video.

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  1. She can “document” her assertions all she wants to. Who among us has the knowledge and expertise to evaluate her so-called science? The wise course when faced with conflicting beliefs among experts is to trust majority.

  2. @Tamara Thanks for an excellent suggestion. We do not have the capacity to do that work in-house. If you know of someone willing to do so, I am happy to post it.

  3. What you don’t have is the capacity to evaluate her claim in the first place. Explain to us why her science is correct. You have no idea, and you don’t care.

  4. @KEN Typical arrogant Democrat elitist drivel. So, only people who have matching professional expertise can “evaluate” and thus trust such a claim? You are dope.

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