Joe Biden suffers a mental meltdown during a conversation with General Motors CEO, Mary Barra.  In the exchange, Biden cannot remember what kind of vehicle he had driven. A befuddled Biden ultimately confuses General Motors’ Hummer EV (which he drove in Detroit) with his experience test-driving Ford’s F-150 Lightning pickup back in May of 2021, as he mindlessly babbles “Dearborn” (where he drove the Ford).

00:00       but uh
00:01       um I might point, point out you’re uh
00:04       when I went to Dearborn driving that
00:08       uh you know uh was up there I don’t know
00:11       man
00:12       it uh
00:14       I think the press thought I was crazy I
00:15       enjoyed it so much going up and
00:19       uh your new EV factory and
00:22       and that, uh, that hummer



Recorded January 26, 2022

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