The social-sexual sickness promoted by Albemarle County Public Schools (ACPS) and Superintendent Matt Haas continues to metastasize, as recently unthinkable scenarios are now reality.

To wit: unbeknownst to most parents, sex education classes at ACPS will soon be taught to a mixed assemblage of both boys and girls. The change was referenced at the September 8 School Board meeting, but thus far has been kept secret.

RECOMMENDATION 2: Gender Combined Instruction for Family Life Education in Grades 6-Health II

Family Life Education is currently instructed in gender separate, boys and girls, classes in grades four through Health II.  The recommendation from the Curriculum Advisory Committee would have all students receiving instruction together in their normal class grouping in grades 6 through Health II.

In grade four, students have previously been separated for a lesson on intended use and proper disposal of sanitary napkins and tampons. In grade five students have previously been separated for a lesson on the identification of male and female reproductive structures and functions. In grades four and five, all materials will be presented to all students. Families and students will have a choice in the composition of the peer group to which they learn alongside, see choices listed on the opt out form that includes recommendations for the 2022-23 school year.

Notably and foolishly, along with their female counterparts, Albemarle County fourth-grade boys will now be taught proper use of and disposal techniques for tampons and sanitary napkins.

ACPS bizarre and twisted desire to titillate and/or embarrass subject children by mixing sexes during reproductive “education” gives parents one more reason to remove their kids from government schools immediately.


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