Albemarle County Public Schools Superintendent, Matt Haas, Ed.D. and his school board have big plans for their students in the domain of gender discovery and experimentation. But not everyone is on board.

Following a particularly disturbing transgender policy presentation to the faculty at Mountain View (formerly Cale) Elementary School, a concerned local government insider provided Zoom footage of the conclave to the Schilling Show.

In this edited clip of the full presentation, Mountain View Principal, Cyndi Wells, presides over a rambling seminar clearly intended to provide methods of elementary school student indoctrination in contemporary transgender culture, language, and comportment. Myriad concepts and techniques were presented with the underlying premise of “honoring” students’ gender “experiences” while pawkily flouting parental rights and involvement.

This meeting was recorded on March 4, 2022.


  1. Ugh. Thank God Almighty my family had the opportunity to extract my daughter from ACPS before this dirge of garbage made it’s home there.

  2. How do we expect children to be normal,when the ADULTS are so screwed up? Honey “your ‘truth’ is messed up”. Today I identify as Queen of Sheba… family isn’t buying it.

  3. Oh Barb, Barb, Barb, my dear Barb…WHO are YOU do dictate “normal”? Who is anyone to dictate man, woman, black, white, Indian, fast, slow, lawyer, engineer, Master’s graduate, girl, boy, hate, love?…If it feels good, just do it, baby! I am working on convincing people I am something or another so I can do anything I want! Maybe even a female swimmer for UVA…compete with that “woman” at Penn! As they love to say, “don’t be ‘hating’.” (BTW, I see you posted on Pi Day…Who is to say 22/7 is Pi? I think it is beef brisket.)

  4. Steve, Steve, Steve, I’m confused. First you say “if it feels good just do it”. That sounds so cool and all but I’ve tried it a few times and found that it was not a good thing to put into action. Moving on, then you say you’re working on convincing people you or something or another so you can do what you like. That conflicts with “if it feels good just do it”. It’s hard work convincing people of something they don’t already believe in. As for hate, we are talking about children here. I would hate to see a teacher or anyone else attempting to mold my child’s sexual identity or social morality. It’s my responsibility to deal with those issues.

    As for Pi, it was quite intriguing to watch a documentary on how some very smart men came up with 3.14nnnnnn thousands of years ago. Oh well, that’s probably too advanced for elementary school students also.

  5. Anyone who interferes with the rights and privileges of parenthood or more specifically tries to manipulate and indoctrinate for political reasons shouldn’t have access to children. The House of Delegates needs to make this child abuse illegal and provide sufficient penalties to discourage anti-nuclear family activity. Not to put too fine a point on it, to denigrate and supplant a child’s family has been the game plan of marxism everywhere it has raised its filthy head. I served in Central America with the US Army during the ’80s and am viscerally aware of the war crimes committed in Nicaragua by Danny Ortega and his communist lackeys. Anyone supporting the indoctrination of grade schoolers should be sentenced to help dig up the mass graves there containing 30k-50k Indios victims – including thousands of children – of socialist crimes.

  6. In the Detroit area, local Christian parents joined together with local Muslim parents to put a stop to this nonsense. We have a large Muslim community in Charlottesville, especially many recent Afghani immigrants. I worked with many of these Muslims and they would be appalled to know their children were getting this at school. Many do not read English. I’d like to get this translated to Arabic and join forced with our Muslim community to get this trash out of our county schools.

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