Despite administration’s portrayals to the contrary, all is not well behind the scenes at Albemarle County Public Schools (ACPS).

A recent “morale” survey conducted by ACPS reveals tired, broken teachers, complaining of extensive overwork, extreme disciplinary issues, and lack of supervisory support. Several respondents expressed a desire to leave the profession because of negative ACPS experiences.

Violent, unruly students are a large part of the problem for many, but complaints go far beyond that.

Ultimately, ACPS Superintendent Matt Haas bears responsibility for his division’s massive failure in providing a workable environment for employees, but will he be held accountable?

Highlights (lowlights) of the report are excerpted below, with the entire document available here:

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  1. I work for ACPS as support staff. Morale is rock bottom. The kids rule the roost, and the wokeness is disgusting. The teachers are reaping what they have sown though. They all vote blindly democrat. They would still get their raises but at least have a better working environment if they voted conservative.


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